Rename a Git Branch


Git is a powerful version control system that allows developers to track changes to their files or a set of files over time in the codebase and collaborate with others. It offers a wide range of features and operations to perform as it manages small to a very large project. One common operation is renaming … Read more Connect Activate: How do I activate/connect 7plus? Connect Activate

7plus is the most popular streaming application that offers live channels, movies, and shows on compatible devices. There is no subscription plan involved in accessing 7plus content; you just need to complete the registration procedure. 7plus content uses adaptive streaming that automatically adjusts the quality of video and your internet connection. Visit the connect … Read more activate login: How to Activate EROS NOW? Activate Login

EROS NOW is one of the best streaming applications that offers content of your choice in different categories. To watch your favorite content, you need to navigate the web browser to the EROS NOW official website and sign into your account. On the activation window, visit the activate login website, enter the activation code … Read more

Enable Network Firewall & Secure Network

Network Firewall

A network firewall is a type of network security device that can be either hardware- or software-based. The firewall monitors all the incoming or outgoing traffic and also blocks unknown security rules. This will prevent or set a limit on illegal access for private access. To access the firewall, click on Start > Settings > … Read more

3 Easy Ways to access Sound Control Panel

Sound Control Panel

The Sound Control Panel is a window that provides access to users for configuring the system sound settings and fixing fault issues such as adjusting the sound volumes, managing playback options, and changing the communication settings. To get access to the Sound settings, right-click on the speaker icon shown on the taskbar and click on … Read more

How to get a Google Voice number?

How to get a Google Voice number

Google Voice Number is a free service provided by Google that gives you one phone number to call, text, and also voicemail. Apart from this, it is also available in the United States. You can also use Google Voice if you have multiple phone numbers available or want to keep your personal number private. To … Read more

How to improve Battery Health of Windows laptop?

Battery Health

A battery health check is one of the most important procedures that helps the user determine the life of your windows laptop battery. When time passes, the battery life of electronic devices will automatically decrease. A health report will show the battery usage data, capacity of the battery, and battery life estimates. With the help … Read more

Quick Ways to Change Power and Sleep Settings on Windows

Power Settings

Power Settings offer access to change the power and sleep settings of your compatible devices. Set the settings to improve the performance of your device and also help conserve the battery charge. This will save the energy of your device and reduce the power usage limit to enable the high-performance mode. To set it, select … Read more

Run Disk Management to Manage Storage Devices

Disk Management

Disk management performs tasks for managing the storage space of the operating system, like initializing a new drive, extending or shrinking volumes, and so on. This tool is available in every version of Windows (Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7) so that you can manage the storage on the device. The diskmgmt.msc … Read more

Rename column names in Pandas

Rename column names in Pandas

Pandas is a powerful and flexible data manipulation library in Python that provides a variety of features for working with tabular data. If you are working with Pandas DataFrames which is a 2-dimensional data structure like an array or table with rows and columns, then you might want to know how to rename a column … Read more