DSTV Code Activation Step by Step Process at https://now.dstv.com

Log into https://now.dstv.com and enter the activation code that appears on your TV screen to activate your DSTV Now. Using the now.dstv.com/tv activation code, an infinite amount of films and television series can be streamed.

Multichoice, the top entertainment firm in Africa, creates incredible content and acquires the rights to it. This is transmitted via Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), Multichoice Direct To Home (DTH), and internet video entertainment services.

DStv, GOtv, Showmax, and DStv Now are four multi-choice entertainment services that serve as a centre for almost 14 million individuals in 50 different countries. Although we are a global pioneer in digital platform security for the video entertainment, gaming, connected transportation, and IoT related industries through Irdeto.

Multichoice is able to generate thousands of employment, make significant investments in the film and television industries of Africa, and boost the economies of the nations in which they do business thanks to their exceptional products and services.

We have roots in the nations where our consumers reside, in contrast to other entertainment companies. Multichoice puts its clients first in every decision it makes and in every story it tells.

What are the quick steps to activate DSTV on Smart TV via https://now.dstv.com?

What are the quick steps to activate DSTV on Smart TV?
  • Visit the official DSTV website on your smartphone or other device and sign up for it.
  • As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive the Now.
  • You will get dstv.com TV Code Activation.
  • Change a setting on your Smart TV to enable the installation of the DSTV Now app.
  • Download the DSTV Now app from your preferred app store.
  • After the app has been installed, open it.
  • This will carry the realm the place the https://now.dstv.com code enter choice
  • The dstv.com/tv code will display your selections when you enter it.
  • You must input the now.dstv.com /tv code that you received when you registered on this official website.
  • The activation code enables you to stream an infinite amount of films and television episodes.

How to setup pairing?

Setup for matching smart cards and also decoders, utilise the pairing screen. If a client only has one STB in the system, pairing can be done implicitly. However, the smart cards and decoders are specifically link for multiple STBs.
An existing pairing can also be changed or cancelled from this screen.
Smart cards and decoders can be paired with following steps:

  • Click Setup Pairing on the Provisioning module to begin.
  • Retrieve the customer’s information. The Pairing Details table contains information such as Customer Name, Available Smart Card Information, and Decoder Information.
  • Then click the Add link in the Pairing Details table to perform a pairing.
  • From the drop-down menu for SmartCard Code, choose the smart card type. The SmartCard No. drop-down menu displays all of the available smart card numbers for that particular type. Pick the necessary decoder and number pairing.
  • From the Decoder Code drop-down menu, choose the decoder type. The Decoder No. drop-down menu shows all the decoder numbers that are available for that particular type. Choose the necessary digit to pair with the chosen smart card.
  • To pair the chosen smart card with the decoder, click the Save button.
  • Select the checkbox next to any existing pairing, then click the Update link to remove it. To remove the pairing information, click the Save button one last time.
  • Click the Edit (pencil) icon next to a pairing to make changes to an existing paring. In edit mode, the paring information are visible. After making changes, click the Save button to put them into effect.