Incognito Mode Chrome

Incognito tab is a private browsing or private window. None of your browsing history, cookies and site data, or information entered in forms are saved on your device. You’ll only browse in private when you’re using an Incognito window. It opens after that are part of the same session. While you are in Incognito Mode, […]

What is internet?

The Internet is a network of computers using worldwide by millions of users for communication purposes. It is a system of interconnected networks, websites, or web pages that people use every day to communicate over vast distances and across different computer platforms. The Internet is an interconnection of computer networks that allows you to connect […]

Google Email Storage Full

Is your Google Email Storage full? Google gives you 15 GB of storage with your free account, so you can store plenty of emails, photos, and documents while using its various services. If you need more than this, there are a few options available to you. Google $1.99 per month for 100 GB of additional […]

Youtube Turn Off Autoplay

When you use YouTube to watch a video, it can automatically skip to the next video when the previous video ends. If you don’t want to use this YouTube autoplay feature, you can youtube disable autoplay. This post will show you how to YouTube turn off autoplay, no matter whether you are using a computer, […]

How to Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor

To Connect Dell Laptop to Monitor you have to confirm if your graphics processing Unit (GPU) is compatible with external monitors, then visit the dell website to confirm your dell laptop GPU specs. Visit dell drivers and download page, graphics drivers. You should select the latest versions for optimum video quality. Instantly connect dell laptop […]

Youtube Disable Autoplay

Watching your favorite YouTube videos, YouTube Autoplay will automatically queue up related content. Sometimes, this can be a helpful feature if you’re interested in watching more, but it can also suggest videos you don’t want to watch. Here’s how youtube disable the autoplay if you don’t want new videos to begin playing on their own. […]