GPT-66X: The Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence

GPT 66x

What is GPT-66X? GPT-66X is a large language model (LLM) developed by OpenAI. It is one of the most powerful LLMs in the world, with 660 billion parameters. GPT-66X can generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative content, and answer your questions in an informative way. What is a Large Language Model (LLM)? … Read more

Resso Mod Apk [Premium Unlocked] Download Latest

Resso Mod Apk Download

Download Link for Resso Mod Apk (premium unlocked) Latest Version 2023. Resso Mod Apk is a modified apk for music streaming Resso app with all premium features unlocked. Resso app is to listen songs/music and enjoy.  You can connect with other through the favorite music, can easily share it and pass comments. Resso Mod Apk … Read more

How to use WhatsApp web on your PC, laptop or tablet?

WhatsApp Web is very easy to set up on any of these devices and the good thing is that you can use WhatsApp Web without a phone. Web.watapp online is basically a mirror of its mobile counterpart. Whatsapp Web requires you to have your iPhone or Android phone near your computer to use. Steps to … Read more

How to take a snipping tool on mac ?

Snipping Tool on Mac

A better alternative to using snipping tool on mac is to install a professional app. Unlike the first method, these tools are simple to learn, and they offer customizable keyboard shortcuts. How to use snipping tool on Mac ? Cleanshot , another great snipping tool for Mac download, has strong annotation features. It lets you … Read more

How to make a gif with a video?

GIF is the best way to say everything without saying anything. GIFs are usually short scenes from popular TV shows and movies, which are turned into mini-video snippets. But how to make a gif with a video online and offline videos? And which are the best free GIF makers? We’ll show you everything you need … Read more

How to crop an image in photoshop?

How to crop an image in photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is the predominant photo editing and manipulation software on the market. In photoshop The Crop tool removes the portion of the image surrounding the selection. When you crop an image, by default, the resolution is the same as the original image. lives. If you want to crop an image in photoshop then read … Read more

How to create google meet link?

Everything you need to get anything done, now in one place that is Google Workspace. Messaging, meetings, docs, and tasks, now thoughtfully connected. here we can explain about how to create google meet link. Search Google meet and share meet links of three ways that are describe in this article. Anyone with a Google Account … Read more

Is apple credit card good?

Credit card is a financial instrument which is used for shopping or purchasing something and pay them after. Credit card is a best payment mode so that we can easily purchase and pay them after. In this, bank pre-set the card amount limit. Apple credit card good, you will using credit card company money and … Read more

How to insert columns in Google Sheets?

how to add column in google sheets?

Google sheets is a spreadsheet which helps us to maintain data, lists and some documents. It also helps us to collaborate data from anywhere. It maintains data in very simple language it shows an smart and attractive way to maintain data and share with multiple peoples. What are the uses of Google Sheets? Collaborating some … Read more

How to clear search history on Instagram?

How to clear search history on Instagram?

INSTAGRAM is a social networking site which connects family and friends. Users can also upload there thoughts, pictures, videos, news and also posts anything which you want to share with public. App allows users to make there personal accounts and also provides you the option to make your account public or private. It is a … Read more

How to insert check mark in Excel?

How to insert check mark in Excel?

Excel is developed by Microsoft which is used to maintain or organize data. It also contains numerical data, text data or list of something. For example, list of student result. It is a very easy way to manage list so that nothing can be mix up. It is a software which helps business man in … Read more

How to use Snipping tool?

How to use snipping tool?

Snipping tool helps us to take or part of image appears on screen. In other words, take screenshot of anything which appears on screen or saved image or text or something you want in your phone or computer. This feature is introduced in Windows 7, Windows 8 and also in Windows 10.For example, if you … Read more

What does USB C stand for

USB-C is a standard connection for data transfer and power supply via a single cable. The USB-C connection was created by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), a group of companies that has developed, certified and maintained the USB standard over the years. USB-IF brings together more than 700 companies, including Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft … Read more

Webcam Recording Software

Are you looking for a webcam recorder for the first time or are you an experienced user who wants to upgrade their new experience with this tool? The webcam recorder will not only help you record your time for others, but also allow you to store your precious memory. However, everyone uses different platforms on … Read more

Best Free Windows 10 File Manager

Almost six years have passed since the launch of Windows 10. Microsoft has now announced its new Windows 11 operating system. During these years, Microsoft has made great efforts to develop Windows 10. Many new features have been introduced. on Microsoft’s Windows 10/11 and also removed some tools. In addition to these features, the most … Read more

How to Make a Mobile Hotspot?

Let’s first know what is mobile hotspot? A mobile Wi-Fi hotspot lets you share your smartphone’s network connection with your other mobile devices so they too can connect to the internet anywhere that you have mobile service. Most smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone, have built-in features that allow you to quickly turn on … Read more

How to Use Snip and Sketch?

Snip & Sketch is a Windows 10 app that was introduced with the October 2018 Update. The app can be used to take screenshots (snip) and make changes to the resulting images (sketch). The Snip & Sketch app refers to screenshots as snips. The quickest way to screenshot Window 10 with Snip & Sketch is by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows … Read more

Task host window

Task Host Window is a windows program, not a virus or malware, that shows pop up window when you attempt to Shut down windows. The reason behind pop up is due to the programs running in the background. You do not need to worry that your system will be damaged by it.  Task Host makes … Read more

What is Another Word for Control?


The process or act of managing, running or governing. We can Control or dominance over someone or something. Control is a benchmark by which something is evaluated. Another Word for Control Management Supervision Administration Charge Direction Guidance Superintendence Government Regulation Running Stewardship Governance Superintendency Operation Intendance Command Leadership Custody Guardianship Manipulation Mastery Sway Containment Check … Read more

How to Connect a Microphone to Xbox-One


Xbox is a gaming console manufactured by Microsoft. Connect the Xbox to a TV, PC, or any other electronic display device. Once you plug it into a displaying device you can start to play games on it. It is the third product of the series of gaming consoles of Microsoft. The Xbox one uses wireless … Read more

Highlight in PowerPoint


Text highlighting in PowerPoint allows you to mark text in yellow or another highlighter color. Process to Using the Color on the text to Highlight in PowerPoint Select the text that you want to highlight. Tap on the ‘Home’ tab in the Ribbon. On the Home section, click the arrow next to Text Highlight Color … Read more

What Does BM Stand for in Gaming?


BM is an acronym for Bad Manners that is use within Hearthstone to describe intentionally unpleasant behavior. In online competitive games, players use BMs to annoy an opponent, to rejoice and rejoice in their victories, and simply to drag the game out. BM is mainly enacting through the use of emotion and intentional wasting of … Read more

There is not Enough Space on the Disk


When you are trying to create a new partition, shrink or extend the volume using Disk Management, you see the “There is not Enough Space on the Disk” error message. This error occurs due to MBR partition limit, Disk Management utility not being able to detect the operation performed. According to Microsoft, you need at … Read more

Google Sheet Cell Size


Google Sheets is used to keep track of your data. By default, the cells of every new Google Sheet are always the same size. Once you begin entering information into your Google Sheet, it’s easy to customize rows and columns to better fit your data. There are a lot of styling and formatting tools available … Read more

Switch Not Powering On


Some Nintendo Switch consoles may not power on due to an app or software glitch. Not powering on the Nintendo Switch can kill your gaming plans and cause your video game console to break. Nintendo Switch won’t turn on due to a low battery or power supply problem, and an operating system, software or video … Read more

Audio Splitter Software


Audio Splitter Software used to split audio files. Some of the audio splitter software need to be downloaded on a computer to split audio files and some audio splitter software can be directly operated online. List of Best Audio Splitter Software 1. WavePad Audio Splitter Software WavePad is a free audio file splitter software, designed … Read more

Change Google Drive Folder Location


We change Google Drive folder location while setting up Backup and Sync on your PC or Mac. To use the Google Drive service, you need to download the Backup and Sync version to your computer so that it can automatically back up and sync data to and from your system. All your videos, documents, pictures … Read more

Free Msg: Unable to Send Message – Message Blocking is Active


“Free Msg: Unable to Send Message – Message Blocking is Active” error was mostly recorded to be associated with T-Mobile. This error appears on Android devices and iPhones. When you use your phone to send a message to your friend, colleague, or other people, you may receive an error message “Free Msg: Unable to send … Read more

What Does OFC Mean?


OFC is an abbreviated internet acronym for ‘of course’ which is used as an expression of agreement or as confirmation of a statement. It’s used in online chats as a shorthand. You can also use OFC in tweets, YouTube comments, or other social media posts. You can write this abbreviation in both lowercase and uppercase; … Read more Error 1035


The error 1035 error is a unique iPhone error. The Error 1035 appears on the iPhone mainly because of a problem with the voicemail settings. Error 1035 indicates that either your voicemail box is not setup or has been reset after a recent update. This error prevents setting up the greeting message—which callers … Read more

Pokémon Go Adventure Sync Not Working


Pokémon Go is one of the most popular and most played adventure games in the world. Adventure Sync is one of the advanced features available in Pokémon Go. Adventure Sync is an optional mode that you can toggle on or off in your Settings menu. In 2018 a feature was launched whereby enabling the Pokémon … Read more

Windows 10 Hyperlinks Not Working


When you select a hyperlink in Microsoft Outlook then Microsoft Outlook tries to open it in the standard browser. Sometimes it fails to open the link in a Microsoft product on Windows 10. Below are some activities that can break Outlook hyperlinks: Installing Microsoft Windows updates Installing or uninstalling web browsers Installing browser add-ons or … Read more

How to fix file explorer not responding in windows 10?

How to fix file explorer not responding in windows 10? How to fix file explorer not responding in windows 10?Some users have reported that their File Explorer is not responding when they browse the files saved on the hard drive, which is really annoying. File Explorer is the default file management tool on Windows devices. … Read more

How to Share Computer Audio on Zoom?

Zoom offers many options for sharing files and media with online meeting participants. And computer audio sharing is one of the most useful parts of the platform, especially if you host webinars. Sharing Computer Audio on Zoom is one of the screen-sharing features. This comes in handy when you want to share the computer audio … Read more

2 Google Chrome Icons on Taskbar


When i installed Google Chrome and pinned it to the taskbar. But i click on that icon, a new google chrome appears. This problem can be due to multiple users profiles enabled or due to wrong google chrome executable pinned to taskbar or could be due to a known bug in google chrome which should … Read more

Youtube Search Bar


YouTube is the Internet’s largest video streaming platform and leading source of video content. With content creators from all over the world, YouTube hosts all sorts of videos from vlogs, commentaries, music videos, to cartoons. YouTube is experimenting with its UI on the Android, web, and TV apps. The Android experiment adds a more prominent … Read more

How to Backup Computer?

Computer backup is a process that copies all your files, data and information to effectively create two versions – one on your original devices and one backup. It is designed to protect all of your important files and pictures, even the ones you save to an external hard drive. Best Way to Back up Computer … Read more

How to make 1 inch margins on word?

How to make 1 inch margins on word? In this article i will show you that how to make 1 inch margin on word. It’s common for the documents you create to have specific requirements for places like schools or workplaces, and one of those requirements may include margins. Since Microsoft Word is still one … Read more

How to Transfer from one Google Drive to Another?


Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage services. Google Drive is used for everything from securing backups, providing an easily accessible location, to sharing large files on the cloud with others, or transferring files to another account. Google Drive was launched on 24 April 2012 which is a file storage and synchronization service. … Read more

How to Attach an Email to an Email in Gmail?


Sometimes Gmail users want to show some of their emails to other people. You can attach emails to other emails in Gmail without downloading them first. It is used to forward multiple messages related to a single topic. Sending emails as attachments allows you to compose a summary email message to your recipients, and attach … Read more

How to Put Youtube on Repeat?

Your favorite music video or movie trailer ends, and you want to watch it again…and again…and again. You don’t have to do it manually! Learn how to put YouTube on repeat so that it will play over and over again. You’ll save time—and your ears! Here’s how to do it. Steps to Put a YouTube … Read more

D Drive Computer

What is D Drive? D Drive is the first drive after the C Drive Computer. This is mainly used as a recovery disk. The main function of D drive is that D partition is set up by the manufacturer if there occur serious problems in the system. How to Get to Your D drive? If … Read more

Custom Computer Mouse


A custom computer mouse can improve your workspace, whether you’re at home or in the office. Custom mouse personalize with your favorite photos and reflect your style. A custom computer mouse is a great gift for techies. Navigating the desktop becomes easier if you pair your desktop mouse with a custom mouse pad.If you’re a … Read more

What is ESENT

What-is ESENT

ESENT stands for Extensible Storage Engine (ESE), which is delivered as ESENT.DLL in all Windows versions. ESENT is an embeddable transactional database engine that is part of the Windows operating system. It was first made available to developers with Microsoft Windows 2000. It is safe and not a security risk. It helps File Explorer, Search … Read more

How to Get Protected Pictures From a Website


Some visitors lock the option to download that picture to protect the pictures because website ‘owner doesn’t want you to copy the images. A few website owners do not make the images available to download on your drive to prevent unauthorized use of those images because the webpage is made through some of the critical … Read more

How to Download Stereo Mix for Windows 10


Stereo Mix is a sound tool that allows the user to record the output stream of a computer such as broadcasting radio, speaker outputs, live streaming audios and system sounds. It is useful to fix & enhance the stereo mix feature of your sound card. Stereo mix not comes default with some sound cards in … Read more

What Does “The Default Gateway is Not Available” Mean


The Default Gateway is a router or network node in the computer networking system. When no next hop IP address is specified in the routing table to forward data packets to the destination host, the Default gateway treats them as a forward hop. The default gateway will act as an access point to the other … Read more

How to Copy and Paste on Computer?

Everybody should know how to do copy paste on the computer by heart. As copy & paste are the basic functions to do. In this article provides information about how you can copy and paste text. This commands found in any operating system, whether it be Windows or MacOS. How to Copy and Paste on Computer … Read more

Which Activity Uses a Feature of A Word Processor


Word Processor is a computer software application which is capable of creating ,editing, saving, and printing documents. It is used for word processing. Word processors have a variety of uses and applications within the business world, home and education. Word Processing refers to the act of using a computer to create, edit, save and print … Read more

How to Draw Curly and Type Curly Brackets?


Brackets are punctuations mark found in pairs. There are two types of brackets: the open bracket { and the closed bracket }. The open bracket has an open end towards the right, and the closed bracket has an open end towards the left.Curly Brackets are the two keys found to the right of the P … Read more

Why is my wifi not showing up on windows 10?

Why is my wifi not showing up on windows 10

In this article we will discuss about “why is my wifi not showing up on windows 10“. What can I do to solve this problem” So let’s get to know the solution here when you try to connect your computer to the internet but the wifi network is not showing you can try to solve … Read more

How to Copy and Paste on Apple Computer


The copy and paste function is one of the great triumphs of the computer era. If you want to move a block of text, an image or another object from one part of a document to another, or from one app to another, you need to use copy and paste. How to Copy and Paste … Read more

What is Toolbar ,Where is the Quick Access Toolbar


The toolbar is also known as a standard toolbar. It is a graphical control element on which on-screen icons can be used. A toolbar often allows for quick access to functions that are commonly in the program. It shows often across the top that contains buttons that execute commands when you click them. It controls … Read more

What Does Keystrokes Mean , What is Keystrokes Per Hour


A keystroke is one touch of one of the keys on a computer or typewriter keyboard. A keystroke is typing one character on a keyboard. When you press a key on the keyboard, you perform a keystroke. The keystroke is an important component considering typing speed, keystroke logging, hardware, software, acoustic analysis and other studies … Read more

How to Clean Out Your Whole Computer System?

How to Clean Out Your Whole Computer System

If you are working continuously and not deleting unnecessary data from your computer, then after some time your computer speed will slow down. Because your computer keeps collecting unnecessary files, apps, and a wide range of other data. Here we will tell you how to Clean Out Your Whole Computer System and delete all that … Read more

What does ss usb symbol mean?

usb image

what does ss usb symbol mean? In this article, we will tell you what does ss usb symbol mean? “SS” markings, which stand for SuperSpeed, to identify USB 3.0 ports, otherwise known as USB 3.1 gen 1. “10” markings, which stand for 10 Gbps, to identify USB 3.1 gen 2 ports with ultra-fast connectivity. A … Read more

How to Factory Reset a Computer?

The term factory reset means deleting all the data from the computer which is not in the device after production. This means that it is impossible for the user to practically access programs or files on your computer. Why one need to Factory Reset a Computer? If you bored with your current device, you want … Read more

Can xbox one get a virus

Xbox One is developed by the Microsoft and it is 8th-generation video game console and along with to the original Xbox and Xbox 360. Can you get viruses on Xbox One? No, it is quite impossible to get a virus attack on Xbox One. This is certified by Microsoft company, so it won’t have any … Read more

How to Add Exceptions to Webroot Antivirus

SecureAnywhere’s Webroot has been in the cybersecurity business since 1997 and today offers solid products for protecting the safety of your devices both at homes and workplaces. Its Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is an interesting and lightweight platform which users can fully test during a two-week free trial, but it means having to give up some … Read more

ytmp3 video converter

Trend of Youtube video is increasing day by day. Almost every age group people spend hours, watching YT. This means that this become home to every generation. This is one of the best platform to share videos and earn money. There are millions of videos and music availabe on YT but you can not listen … Read more

How to change CPU fan speed without bios?

cpu fan image

Some Best CPU Fan Control Software We will cover some of the fan controls on this. Disc drive temperature and voltage readings are highly dependent on fan performance, so it is important to have speed control software and digital temperature sensors within the system. This will help you to monitor the fan speed and temperature … Read more

Change Ink in Canon Printer

Points To Remember Before Begin To Change Ink in Canon Printer Here are lots of important points you should consider before starting changing the ink cartridge or replacing the ink cartridge in the Canon printer. Give a look at them and keep them in your mind while Change Ink in Canon Printer: You are always … Read more

Officejet pro 8600

Steps to Load Envelopes on the Officejet pro 8600 Grasp the handle at the front of the tray and then pull the tray toward you to open it. Slide the width guides to the paper as much as possible. NOTE: If you load a larger size paper, pull out the extension of the tray to … Read more