What is Anydesk app?

Anydesk app is a type of software by which one remotely access your computer on his phone or on computer. AnyDesk is used legitimately by millions of IT professionals worldwide, to remotely connect to their clients’ devices to help with technical issues. However, scammers can try to misuse AnyDesk (or any other remote access software) … Read more

How to indent bullet points in google doc?

Google Docs gives you the freedom to create a wide range of documents, from essays to newsletters. It is also equipped with different features for formatting to ensure your final product looks good, including the ability to add bullet points. This article we will show you how to indent bullet points in google doc. Creating … Read more

How to make an email pull the date and time?

If you may need to insert timestamp or current date and time in your email message, telling your recipients when you composed this message, or others. A date picker is a control that lets users quickly enter dates in a Microsoft Office InfoPath form by clicking a small pop-up calendar. For example, you can use … Read more

What is Hardware and Software?

What is hardware and software

The computer system is made of Hardware and Software & both are essential for your device. Hardware refers to physical components like CPU, hard disk, monitor, and software refers to program components like application software, system software, and programming software. If you’re learning about computer hardware and software then read the below mentioned information. What … Read more

How to create google meet link?

Everything you need to get anything done, now in one place that is Google Workspace. Messaging, meetings, docs, and tasks, now thoughtfully connected. here we can explain about how to create google meet link. Search Google meet and share meet links of three ways that are describe in this article. Anyone with a Google Account … Read more

How to Disable Mcafee Antivirus

The US global computer security software company ‘MCAFEE‘ has established itself as the world’s largest security technology company. The brand was founded in 1987 and develops digital security tools for PCs, servers and mobile devices. The good thing is that this antivirus program protects your computer from malicious software that even tries to install without … Read more

Audio Stuttering Windows 10

There are some people asking for the methods to solve the audio stuttering Windows 10 issue. To get them out of trouble, this post summarizes 7 practical solutions. If you are also looking for some audio editing features. Windows 10 is full of many bugs that spread to various system components and services. Audio and … Read more

Active Noise Cancelling Software

Noise-canceling software is a brilliant way to cancel your microphone noise, and the market is filled with tools that are able to do this reasons such as talking to your friends while you are gaming, chatting on Skype, editing a recorded voice track, and so on. Noise-canceling is the process of removing audio interferences such … Read more

Webcam Recording Software

Are you looking for a webcam recorder for the first time or are you an experienced user who wants to upgrade their new experience with this tool? The webcam recorder will not only help you record your time for others, but also allow you to store your precious memory. However, everyone uses different platforms on … Read more

Best Free Windows 10 File Manager

Almost six years have passed since the launch of Windows 10. Microsoft has now announced its new Windows 11 operating system. During these years, Microsoft has made great efforts to develop Windows 10. Many new features have been introduced. on Microsoft’s Windows 10/11 and also removed some tools. In addition to these features, the most … Read more

Call of duty error code 262146

Call of duty error code 262146

WHAT IS CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE ERROR CODE 262146? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare error code 262146 is another connection problem that seems to be preventing Modern Warfare players from jumping into the latest Infinity Ward release. It is a continuous and frustrating problem for the one who is trying to join online matches, … Read more

How to Connect a Microphone to Xbox-One


Xbox is a gaming console manufactured by Microsoft. Connect the Xbox to a TV, PC, or any other electronic display device. Once you plug it into a displaying device you can start to play games on it. It is the third product of the series of gaming consoles of Microsoft. The Xbox one uses wireless … Read more

How to Record Screen with OBS


OBS is an abbreviated of Open Broadcaster Software Studio. OBS studio is a open-source software so its free for download. It is a video streaming and recording program to capture videos on Windows, Mac and Linux. OBS Studio makes a powerful screen and broadcast tool. In addition to live streaming content, open-source software can also … Read more

Microsoft word alternatives for windows 8

Microsoft word Alternatives for windows 8

In this article we will tell about microsoft word alternatives for windows 8. Microsoft word processors are really important for almost all computer users, therefore, if you are looking for a free word processor, then we have covered this list of free online word processors. Many have similar features to Word and since They are … Read more