How to turn off Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual voice assistant which control our device. Google can also recognize voice profiles for different people and you can also ask for multiple things at the same time. It offers voice command, voice searching and voice typing. You have to just say ‘Hey Google‘ and it will be automatically activated so … Read more

How to join a Zoom Meeting?

Zoom app is a online chatting and video phony app which connects people for a face to face communication. It is a software which is used for video communication, messaging, voice calls, conference rooms for video or online meetings and virtual events. It helps us to connect more and more peoples and share your data … Read more

How to clear search history on Instagram?

How to clear search history on Instagram?

INSTAGRAM is a social networking site which connects family and friends. Users can also upload there thoughts, pictures, videos, news and also posts anything which you want to share with public. App allows users to make there personal accounts and also provides you the option to make your account public or private. It is a … Read more

How to uninstall Epic Games Launcher?

how to uninstall epic game launcher

Epic Games Launcher is web store which digitally distribute you various video games. It is a software developed by epic games. It provides your different and interested video games. It is a best way to make your weekends interesting and we can play with our friends. It is available in 15 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Chinese, … Read more

No Device Drivers were found Windows 8 Installation USB

no-device-drivers-were-found-windows 8-installation-USB

“No Device Drivers were found” error occurs on windows 8 when users try to either reinstall their current operating system or when they install a new one using DVD or USB installation storage device. Why No Device Drivers were found error occurs during USB installation on Windows 8? Due to incomplete Windows 8 files or … Read more

How to Add Printer to Computer?

Want to access the printer on the computer but don’t know how? Don’t worry! In this post, we will walk you through how to connect printer to the computer in just a few simple steps. Connecting a Wired Printer on Windows Install a Local Printer on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 Click on Start button, … Read more

Windows 10 Volume Control Not Working


Windows 10 is a stable operating system. The Volume Control icon located in Taskbar. The Volume Control icon in the system is the quickest way to control the volume on your Windows 10 PC. Windows 10 Volume Control doesn’t work because of Windows Explorer.To fix Windows 10 Volume Control, you need to install new sound … Read more

Why Does Roblox Keep Crashing


Roblox is a great gaming online platform to play a variety of games and players can also create their own games. Players can share own created games on the platform through the Roblox Studio. You can be download Roblox from the Windows store and once downloaded, you can be a part of those millions of … Read more

How to Cut Video in VLC


VLC is a free, open-source media player. VLC Media Player is best for playing videos from different sources. It is also used as video editing software. This software allows users to easily watch videos in nearly any format. It is the easiest and quickest tool to trim and cut videos. You can trim, crop, speed … Read more

How to Download Stereo Mix for Windows 10


Stereo Mix is a sound tool that allows the user to record the output stream of a computer such as broadcasting radio, speaker outputs, live streaming audios and system sounds. It is useful to fix & enhance the stereo mix feature of your sound card. Stereo mix not comes default with some sound cards in … Read more

How to Fix Screen Tearing Windows 10


Screen Tearing is a kind of distortion that may occur on your PC’s monitor. When your Windows 10 PC isn’t in sync with your PC’s refresh rate, your monitor’s screen cracks and your display hardware shows information from multiple frames in a single frame, this issue known as Screen Tearing. If you play video games … Read more

How to Fix Driver Power State Failure in Windows 10

fix-driver-power-state-failure-in-windows 10

Driver Power State Failure is a BSoD error. If you get the Driver Power State Failure error in your Windows 10 device, it could indicate bad drivers, incompatible hardware, or in some cases, improper power settings. Windows 10 displays its conventional ‘blue screen of death’ message when a ‘Driver power state failure’ error occurs. Solutions … Read more

How to Repair Start Menu Not Working in Windows 10


Windows 10 was launched in 2015. Each update brings a lot of new features.If you want to open settings in your system and you click on start button to open start menu but start menu does not open. After a few seconds, you try it again, and still, the Start menu doesn’t open. Because sometimes … Read more

How do I Install a Driver for my Canon Printer

How to install a driver for canon printer How to install canon printer drivers manually when it isn’t included with the printer or if your current driver isn’t working properly. You can try to update your computer (to attempt to trigger an updated driver download), or, if those methods don’t work, try installing the software … Read more

Can xbox one get a virus

Xbox One is developed by the Microsoft and it is 8th-generation video game console and along with to the original Xbox and Xbox 360. Can you get viruses on Xbox One? No, it is quite impossible to get a virus attack on Xbox One. This is certified by Microsoft company, so it won’t have any … Read more