How to improve Battery Health of Windows laptop?

Battery Health

A battery health check is one of the most important procedures that helps the user determine the life of your windows laptop battery. When time passes, the battery life of electronic devices will automatically decrease. A health report will show the battery usage data, capacity of the battery, and battery life estimates. With the help … Read more

What is AMD?

what is amd

An AMD(Advanced Micro Devices) processor is a computer processor designed or manufactured by American semiconductor and technology company. AMD primarily produces central processing units (CPUs) intended to compete against offerings from its much larger rival Intel. An AMD processor can be used with the same software as an Intel processor, but not the same motherboard. … Read more

What is Hardware and Software?

What is hardware and software

The computer system is made of Hardware and Software & both are essential for your device. Hardware refers to physical components like CPU, hard disk, monitor, and software refers to program components like application software, system software, and programming software. If you’re learning about computer hardware and software then read the below mentioned information. What … Read more

What is output device in computer?

What is output device in computer

The computer output device is a hardware device that helps the computer to present the result of the entered input. In the short term, you can say that output devices help the computer convert the data from machine language to human-understandable language. The presented data can be in the form of projection, paper, or audio. … Read more

What are the input devices of a computer?

If your question is what are the input devices of a computer? well, people often ask for 10 input devices examples. Here today you will learn computer input devices or output devices, which help us to provide and receive data from the computer. Everyone is using a Laptop and Desktop, without these gadgets in this … Read more

Where is RAM located in computer?

Where is RAM located in computer? RAM is located in Motherboard. A motherboard is a printed circuit board and foundation of a computer that is the biggest board in a computer chassis. It allocates power and allows communication to and between the CPU, RAM, and all other computer hardware components. Also, RAM and ROM are … Read more

Connect Headset to Xbox One

Want to connect headphones to your Xbox One? You can do this in several ways. On this page, I’ll explain what options you need to connect your Xbox One and headset. Therefore, it is important that the headset is suitable for the Xbox One. With so many different wired and wireless headsets on the market, … Read more

How to Fix Missing Desktop Icons in Windows 10?

If your Windows 10 desktop icons are missing, there may be an issue with either your icon settings or your core Windows system. Issues like these often don’t have an apparent reason and that makes it difficult to troubleshoot them. However, How to Fix Missing Desktop Icons in Windows 10?, there are a few standard … Read more

Switch Not Powering On


Some Nintendo Switch consoles may not power on due to an app or software glitch. Not powering on the Nintendo Switch can kill your gaming plans and cause your video game console to break. Nintendo Switch won’t turn on due to a low battery or power supply problem, and an operating system, software or video … Read more

Chromebook Delete Key


To get into the hardware design industry and compete with other competitors such as Apple, Google launched the Chromebook. Google describes the Chromebook as a machine specifically designed for people who live on the web. Chromebooks are a new type of computer designed to help you get things done faster and easier. They run Chrome … Read more

Test Camera on Computer

Webcams are increasingly important for personal and professional communication. More people than ever use video conferencing instead of audio-only conversations. Test camera on computer may help you to resolve any hardware issues you may be having with your new device, or give you some insight into how it works. Why Test Camera on Computer? You … Read more

D Drive Computer

What is D Drive? D Drive is the first drive after the C Drive Computer. This is mainly used as a recovery disk. The main function of D drive is that D partition is set up by the manufacturer if there occur serious problems in the system. How to Get to Your D drive? If … Read more

Can You Use a TV as a Computer Monitor?

can you use a tv as a computer monitor

Yes! you can use a TV as a computer monitor. In this article we’ll briefly discuss about the methods to do so. Different Ways to Use a TV as a Computer Monitor There are mainly 3 ways to connect the TV as a computer monitor, such as : VGA Connector DVI Connector HDMI Connector VGA … Read more

Custom Computer Mouse


A custom computer mouse can improve your workspace, whether you’re at home or in the office. Custom mouse personalize with your favorite photos and reflect your style. A custom computer mouse is a great gift for techies. Navigating the desktop becomes easier if you pair your desktop mouse with a custom mouse pad.If you’re a … Read more

What Graphics Cards are Compatible With Windows 10

windows 10-graphic-cards

A graphics card is an electronic circuit board that processes computer graphics. It is used to project images on the display. It is also known as video card. Graphics cards are often an essential part of the gaming community, as they allow users to play video games with greater speed and quality. What does your … Read more

Why is my middle mouse button not working?

Why is my middle mouse button not working? You’re surfing on the Internet and trying to scroll the screen with your mouse, and Boom, your middle mouse button is not working. This is very frustrating. Middle mouse button not working issue, so you should update your mouse driver to the latest version to fix the … Read more