Blank Screen

Blank screen

Blank screen indicates a general problem with a computer monitor that results in no display, or no indication of power. It also happens when your windows update gone wrong. Why Computer Screen is Blank ? As we all know that there are several reasons of occurrence Blank Screen. So here i am providing you the … Read more

How to connect mobile to TV via USB cable?

How to Connect mobile to TV via USB Cable?

You can connect mobile to TV via USB cable to enjoy content of Photos, Music, Videos saved in the smartphone on the TV. You can also perform file transfer operations with the TV’s remote control. Refer to the information below for more about supported devices and the operating procedure. Steps to connect mobile to TV … Read more

How to program Spectrum remote to TV?

How to program Spectrum remote to TV?

Spectrum remote is used to control and connect remote to TV. It is used to make connectivity so that you can control the TV.You can change the channel, volume up and down and also helps to change the settings. Spectrum remote have various functions to use. In other words, it helps you to guide your … Read more

How to change your background on windows 10?

The preloaded Windows 10 wallpaper is nice to look at, but it’s more fun to choose the background you want on your laptop. You should also save beautiful Windows 10 lock screen images along with resizing your icons so that you have more wallpaper options. For more fine-grained customization, try enabling Dark Mode or Light … Read more

How to Minimize Screen with Keyboard?

Minimize App – Minimizing an app hides its window from your desktop without closing the app. An icon for that app is displayed on the taskbar. You can easily restore the minimized window to its former state and bring it back to view to continue using it. Method 1: Minimize Screen from the Caption Buttons … Read more

Steam screenshot folder

Are you an online gamer? Online gamers know the essence of taking a screenshot of their game or what is happening on their screen. Importantly, though, these screenshots are important for reporting any bugs in the game and for getting useful information. Like with your phone, once you’ve taken screenshots, you have to manage them. … Read more

Modern warfare dev error 6034 xbox

Modern warfare dev error 6034 xbox Modern Warfare dev error 6034 Xbox means that conflicting or outdated data packs or add-ons of Modern Warfare are installed on the console. A corrupt installation of the game may also cause the issue at hand. when a user tries to launch the Modern Warfare on Xbox but encounters … Read more

Intel RST service is not running

Intel RST service is not running: If intel RST service is not running message pops up on your Windows 10’s task bar. then you can read this article to solve this problem. Intel Rapid Storage Technology is used to improve the performance and reliability of systems, but sometimes you may encounter the Intel RST service … Read more

How to fix file explorer not responding in windows 10?

How to fix file explorer not responding in windows 10? How to fix file explorer not responding in windows 10?Some users have reported that their File Explorer is not responding when they browse the files saved on the hard drive, which is really annoying. File Explorer is the default file management tool on Windows devices. … Read more

How to get live wallpapers windows 10?

How to get live wallpapers windows 10? Here, you will find both free and paid live wallpaper apps for PCs. There are plenty of ways in which you can customize your Windows 10 PC to make it your own and give it a unique look. From external modifications like skins and stickers to intricate changes … Read more

How to add shortcut to google chrome homepage?

How to add shortcut to google chrome homepage? Everyone has a favorite website. Whether it’s for playing music, reading the news, or watching funny videos, your favorite website becomes a part of your routine. So, why not save time and create a shortcut that will take you to your favorite link in just a few … Read more

How to make 1 inch margins on word?

How to make 1 inch margins on word? In this article i will show you that how to make 1 inch margin on word. It’s common for the documents you create to have specific requirements for places like schools or workplaces, and one of those requirements may include margins. Since Microsoft Word is still one … Read more

How to Put Youtube on Repeat?

Your favorite music video or movie trailer ends, and you want to watch it again…and again…and again. You don’t have to do it manually! Learn how to put YouTube on repeat so that it will play over and over again. You’ll save time—and your ears! Here’s how to do it. Steps to Put a YouTube … Read more

What causes screen tearing?

What causes screen tearing?

Screen tearing occurs when your monitor’s refresh rate and GPU’s frame rate are not synchronized. Although most gamers might not see having a higher FPS (Frames Per Second) than your monitor’s maximum refresh rate as a big problem, it can cause obvious screen tearing, which can be quite annoying. Screen tearing can really take away … Read more

How to turn on steam overlay?

How to turn on steam overlay?

In this article we will discuss about how to turn on steam overlay. Steam overlay is a piece of the Steam user interface that can be activated over the top of almost any game launched through Steam. It lets the user access the friends list, web browser, chat, and in-game DLC purchasing. The default key … Read more

Computer Name

A computer name is a unique identifier that is given to each computer and is used by ITS to locate and connect to a computer in order to perform routine maintenance, as well as provide remote technical assistance. The computer name can be anything you want. However, there are some restrictions when it comes to … Read more