How do you unblock someone on Facebook ?

How do you unblock someone on Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site or a social media app which helps people to connect with your family, friends and to the world.It helps in sharing of your thoughts,videos or posts that motivates others.It is created by Mark Zukerberg in 2004. But now Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking app.

Features of Facebook

  • Get news update.
  • Find friends.
  • See the likes and reactions of the people who are connected with you or follow you.
  • Messages or chat with your near ones.
  • It allows registered peoples to post photos,videos and thoughts.
  • It helps to keep in touch with your family and friends.
  • You can also see the views of peoples or thoughts of peoples on your posts by comments.

Why Facebook is use?

  • Facebook have ability to connect with peoples and also helps to share our thoughts towards something that motivates others.
  • Facebook allows to send messages or sharing your views through some posts or videos about some contents.
  • It provides awareness to the society about some context.
  • Facebook helps to share your thoughts globally and promote some advertisement to the world.
  • It helps to communicate with peoples who belongs to other City, State or Nation.

How to create Facebook Account?

Step 1 : Go to playstore or google,then search facebook or
Step 2 : Download facebook.
Step 3 : Enter your name.
Step 4 : Link your account by registering with your Email or Phone Number.
step 5 : Select gender,date of birth and make a strong password.
Step 6 : Fill some basic information about you or a short introduction.
Step 7 : Tap on sign up.
Step 8 : To finish creating your account,facebook confirms with your Email or phone number by a code or otp.

What is Blocking and Unblocking ?

Blocking refers to a restriction by which a person who is blocked can’t able to see your posts, pictures and also can’t send message to you.

Unblocking refers to the allowance by which someone who is blocked in past again able to see your posts and pictures but for that you have to send a friend request to that person.

How do you Block someone on Facebook?


Step 1 Firstly, log in to you Facebook account.
Step 2 Click on Menu and then scroll down.
Step 3 Select Settings and Privacy.
Step 4 Then, select Block option and enter name of the person you want to block.
step 5 It shows you the person Facebook account, select and confirm Blocking.


Step 1 Firstly, log in to facebook account.
Step 2 Open chat or inbox of that person whom you want to block.
Step 3 Then at last of that page you will find block option.
Step 4 From there, you are also able to block that person.

How do you Unblock someone on Facebook?

Step 1 Firstly,log in to your Facebook account.
Step 2 Then click on Menu option.
Step 3 Select Settings and Privacy then, scroll down you will find Audience and visibility.
Step 4 Select Block option and you will see the person who is in your block list.
step 5 Then, select the Facebook account of that person whom you want to unblock.
Step 6 You will see the option of Unblock,tap on unblock.
step 7 Then unblock that person.


If you unblock someone on facebook, then you will not able to block that person again for few days.

If you want that person to see your posts ,you have to send a friend request to that person.