What does VC Stand for?

  • VC is abbreviated as following-
  • Full form of VC is virtual circuit, which provide the channel or direct connection between two devices.
  • Video Creator is another full form of VC, which is any app or program which can be used to record, edit and share videos.
  • VC is also stand for video conferencing. Videoconferencing or VC is the communication of two or more parties in real time using networked video and audio.
  • version control is another full form of VC. In the software development process VC is the management of changes made over time
  • VC – Venture Capital. In the world of finance, VC is used to mean “Venture Capital” (sometimes “Venture Capitalist”). In this context, VC is a form of financing that is provided to (usually new) companies, in exchange for equity in the business.