brother printer error 35

Brother Printer Error 35 problem arises due to the accumulation of paper clips or pieces of paper in your printer. In addition, there may also be a mechanical fault in your electronic device.

Brother Printer Error 35 – Causes

  • The paper clip or piece of paper has to be stuck in your printer.
  • Detection of a mechanical fault in the electronics in your printer.
  • Suddenly ordering your printer not to print queued documents.
  • Check the center and all corners of the office.
  • Check all areas of the printer properly and check if the path is clean.

Remedies to accurate Brother Printer Error 35 –

  1. Clean the jam paper.
  2. Use a finger hang on either side of your printing machine and open it carefully.
  3. Look to your left-right and center and see if there is any paper stuck in that area and remove it immediately.
  4. Then open the jam clear cover on the back of your printer. And see that there is no paper jam at that place. If yes, remove it immediately.
  5. Once you have removed all the jammed paper, take off the cover of your scanner.