cm to km

In this article, we’ll discuss about the conversion process of centimeter to kilometer. So that you will get the sure shot solution to your problem.

What is Centimeter?

In the metric system, Centimeter is a unit for measuring length. It equals 1/100th of a single meter. A single centimeter also works out to 0.39370 inches in all.

What is Kilometer?

Kilometer is also the measuring unit of length within the metric system. It equates to 1,000 meters. It also works out to 0.6214 miles in total.

What is the Relation between Centimeter and Kilometer?

A kilometer equates to ‘100000 centimeters’. The conversion process takes place by multiplying the value in kilometers by ‘100000/10^5’.

How to Convert from Centimeter to Kilometer?

The conversion process for cm to km is quite simple. For converting centimeters to kilometers, you need to know that 1 kilometer is 100000 centimeters. Hence, to obtain the kilometer value, you will have to divide the centimeter value by 100000.

Centimeter to Kilometer Formula with Example

The formula for converting cm to km is given below :


km = cm/100000

Let’s take an example, if you wish to convert 20 centimeters to kilometers. Then the answer will be 20/100000 = 0.0002 km (based upon this formula).