Epson Printer Error W-61

Epson focuses on improving product quality, renowned for amazing print results. Epson Printers Error W-61 is one of the errors users encounter while using these Epson printers. There are two situations:
When the power light doesn’t light up and when the light is on but nothing is printed.

Cause of the Error W-61

This error is commonly known as a communication error that occurs when a client deals with the Epson error.

Fix the Error W-61

These are the steps to fix the error W-61.

Connectivity check

firstly, confirm that the PC and printer are on the same network

USB cables should be used properly

You should use an Epson cable that comes with your print machine if you are using an Epson printer.

Installation process

If you’re installing drivers for your printer for the first time, it’s advisable to use the CD that was included with your printer. Ensure that you install the drivers correctly and then verify that your device is functioning properly after the installation process.