How to format an SD card?

SD card stands for Secure Digital Card. It is a popular tiny flash memory card which stores all the data of device in a tiny card. It helps us to store memory, files and folders and to files transfer from one device to another. SD card is a very easy way to transferring and storing data.

SD cards provides encryption capabilities for protected content to ensure secure distribution of copyrighted material, such as digital music, video and e-books. It secure all your data with storage capacities of 4GB.

It helps to store data in cameras and phones. SD cards are meant for temporary use; In fact, the data stored on an SD card has a maximum shelf life of 10 years.

Features of SD card:

  • Highest range of storage capacity.
  • Highest transfer speed.
  • The number marks megabytes per second: 10 for 10 MBps, 6 for 6 MBps, 4 for 4 MBps, and 2 for 2 MBps.
  • Fully compatibility.
  • Transfer and store files.

SD card: It had a maximum capacity of 2 GB and used the FAT16 file system.

SDXC card: It can store up to 2 TB on the exFAT file system.

SDHC card: It can store up to 32 GB and uses the FAT32 file system.

SDUC card: It can store up to 128 TB per card using exFAT.

How to format an SD card?

On PC:

Step-1 Insert your SD card or a USB reader into your computer system.
Step-2 Once you’ve inserted the SD card, open the File Explorer.
Step-3 Click on the “This PC” or “My Computer“.
Step-4 Click on the SD card in the device list.
Step-5 At the top of the file explorer click the tab labeled “Manage“.
Step-6 Then click “Format” and click on the “File System“.
Step-7 Tap “Quick Format” option.
Step-8 Click on “Start” option.
Step-9 One or two more pop-up windows will appear. Click “OK“.
Step-10 Now you can remove SD card after transferring all the files.

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On Mac:

Step-1 Insert the SD card into your Mac’s SD card slot or USB card.
Step-2 Open “Finder” then click on “OK” option.
Step-3 In “Sub menu” option you will see the “Utilities” option.
Step-4 Double tap on “Disk Utility”.
Step-5 New window appears click on the “SD card”.
Step-6 Tap on the “Format” option now all data is transferred into SD card.

On Android device:

Step-1 Insert SD card and open “Settings” option.
Step-2 Tap on “Device care” and then click open “Storage” option.
Step-3 Tap on “Advanced” and click on the “Portable storage” option.
Step-4 Tap on “Format” option and click on “Format SD card“.
Step-5 Now all your photos, videos and files automatically save into SD card.

On DSLR camera:

Step-1 When camera turned off, insert the SD card into its designated slot.
Step-2 Once the SD card inserted, turn on your camera.
Step-3 Open the menu.
Step-4 Click on the “Setup” and tap on the “Format” option.
Step-5 Select “OK” for starting formatting process and wait for few minutes.
Step-6 Once the SD card finishes formatting, turn the camera off to complete the process.

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