How to Join Google Meet?

Google has made enterprise-class video conferencing available to anyone. Now anyone with a Google Account can create an online meeting with up to 100 attendees and meet for up to 60 minutes to meet.

Businesses, schools, and other organizations can benefit from advanced features, including meetings with up to 500 internal or external participants and live broadcasts from up to 100,000 viewers within a single domain.

If you don’t meet in person, video chat is a good alternative. Google Meet is a video calling service that lets you connect face to face. Joining a Google Meet call is easy and all you need is a link or code.

Steps to join google meetings

  • First, log into your Google account
  • Next you’ll need to navigate to your inbox and open the Google Meet email invitation
  • Click on the link shown in the mail.
  • Some pop-ups can happen if you do not have Google meet. Click Enable camera use, microphone and notification.
  • You can select the audio and video settings you want to use before entering the meeting.
  • By clicking on their icons, you can join the meeting with the microphone and camera on or off.
  • You can also change these options during a video call.
  • If you’re using Chrome as your browser, you can also click the visual effects icon in the lower right corner. This will allow you to blur your background, choose a unique one, or use a style filter. 
  • Once you have selected your settings, click Join now
  • If you consult Google calendar instead of e-mail invitation, click the event to view more information. Then click the Join with Google Meet button.

How to access Google Meet

How to access Google Meet from computer?

How to access Google Meet from mobile app?

Download from Google Play or Apple Store.

How to start a video meeting