How to remove recycle bin from desktop ?

Remove recycle bin from desktop or hiding the recycle bin or permanently delete the files and folders or restore them if deleted accidentally is same. If you’re a Windows user, then you’ll be familiar with the Recycle Bin icon ever since you used your first desktop computer.

After all, we all need a place to delete our unwanted files and folders. But if you find yourself not having much use for the Recycle Bin, or you simply want to hide it, then here’s a guide explaining how to remove Recycle Bin from the desktop. Every file you delete from your Windows 10 system goes into the Recycle Bin by default.

How to remove recycle bin ?

Way 1:

  • Select the Start < Settings < Personalization < Themes < Desktop icon settings < RecycleBin check box < Apply.
  • Right-click on the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop and choose Properties.
  • Select the “Don’t move files” to the Recycle Bin and click on Apply and OK to save the changes.

Way 2:

  • Go to your desktop and right-click on an empty area to access < Personalize.
  • Open the Themes tab and scroll down to the Related Settings section < Desktop icon settings.
  • Uncheck the Recycle Bin option and click on Apply and OK to save the changes.

Way 3:

  • Right-click on any empty space < “Personalize.”
  • Click on the tab that reads “Themes.”
  • In the “Themes” tab and look for “Related Settings” < “Desktop Icon Settings.”
  • Uncheck the “Recycle Bin” box < “Apply.”

Way 4:

  • Choose Personalize < Themes option in the settings app.
  • Under Related settings you’ll want to choose Desktop icon settings.
  • In the Desktop icon settings window that opens up, you’ll want to uncheck the options for Recycle Bin and click Apply.
  • This will remove the Recycle Bin icon from your desktop.