How to use PowerPoint ?

For making a smart presentation it takes a bit of time and efforts. Some various Microsoft parts are there who helps you to make smart presentation so professionally. Setting up your slide designs by working with text, images, video, charts and multimedia. Now in this article we discuss the various uses of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Important use of PowerPoint :

  1. In Education

In schools, teachers uses powerpoint to teach subjects smartly. They create a complete presentations of a book. It offers you to cover a topic in the slides.

  1. In Business

Create plans, marketing strategies and making methods to follow because it helps people in businesses or helps to create a business structure.

  1. For Housewives

Housewives can invest the time in learning PowerPoint presentations, it helps us to create a slideshow in which they can generate numbers, calculations, alphabets, or all kinds of lessons.

  1. In Governance and Citizen Services

Powerpoint documents can be printed so that if the citizens visits any government sector they can find or access services through written process.

  1. For Job Seekers

Job seekers creates digital resumes so that it become a unique way of presenting skills and knowledge.

Use Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • First open PowerPoint and choose a blank presentation.
  • Click on the Design tab and select a theme.
  • Click on ‘New from template’ > ‘Home’ tab > ‘New Slide’ button.
  • Write anything you want to write by selecting text box.
  • Add pictures by clicking ‘Insert’ and clicking on the ‘Picture’ icon.
  • Now add new slide for content and navigate your presentation.
  • Pressing F5 to start a slideshow can provide a basic feel for the flow of your presentation at this point.
  • You can also add video files to your slides.
  • Now, save the image by taking screenshot or saving in files.