km/h to m/s

In this article we’ll discuss the conversion from kilometers per hour to meter per second. Here, this process will be done by two methods, by using online calculator and using the conversion formula.

What is kilometers per hour (km/h)?

The km/h (kilometers per hour) is a unit of speed (scalar quantity) and velocity (vector quantity). Since, it is equal to the distance traveled a body in kilometers in one hour. And the SI symbols is ‘km/h’ to this and abbreviations are kph, kmph, km/hr.

What is meters per second (m/s)?

The m/s (meters per second) is an SI unit of speed (scalar quantity) and velocity (vector quantity). It is equal to the distance traveled a body in meters in one second. And the SI unit symbols are m/s, m·s−1, or m s−1, and abbreviated as mps.

The formula to convert from km/h to m/s is:

m/s = km/h ÷ 3.6

How to convert km/h to m/s?

There are two methods available to convert kilometer per hour to meter per second as given below :

  1. By using online calculator
  2. By using Formula

By using online calculator

When we want to convert km/h to m/s: First, Enter a value in the km/h field as you’ll see and then click on the ‘Calculate m/s’ button. And your answer will appear in the m/s field.

By using Formula

For the conversion of kilometer per hour measurement to a meter per second measurement, simply multiply the speed by the conversion ratio.

Since, 1 kilometer per hour is equal to 5/18 or 0.277778 meters per second, you can use this simple formula to convert:

meters per second = kilometers per hour × 0.277778

As we can see, the speed in meters per second is equal to the kilometers per hour multiplied by 0.277778.


Let’s take an example to understand properly :

Example: Convert 65 kilometers per hour to meters per second.


m/s = km/h ÷ 3.6

= 65 km/h ÷ 3.6
= 20.8333333333 m/s

65 km/h is equal to 20.8333333333 m/s