Website Visitor Counter

Website Visitor Counter is a tracking method that keeps track of how many visitors visit our website till the bottom of the homepage. As we all know, there are countless websites some websites are better but some websites are still struggling. For checking your website certainty you must have to perform a site visitors counter procedure.

Some websites are good at performing SEO and some are struggling due to a lack of knowledge of SEO. Through the website visitor counters, you can classify the websites that performed very well on search engines. There are some website visitor counter online tools that might help you to count the visitors who visit our websites.

How website visitor counter work?

Basically, it works when someone visits on your site, webpage, or blog site that time it connects to the internet and counts the visits to gain more traffic on your site. The visitors counter increases when the number of visits increases. There are many websites that offer counter tools for tracking the traffic of a website.

You can use these tools for counting the visitor to the homepage, website, blogs, CMS (Content Management System), shops, and forums (like phpBB, WBB, and vBulletin). The website offers a free service with some advanced features in tools.

NOTE: Website Visitor Counter is free on many websites with some advanced features you don’t need to register, simply change the counter style, and easy to embed on every homepage or website.

How to add a counter for your website?

Read carefully the steps of adding the visitor counter on your website:

  • Open any website on which you want to add a visitor counter.
  • Enter your domain in the domain search box.
  • Ensure that you want to count the unique visitor or not, if yes then check mark the box, and if not then leave it.
  • Select the maximum number of displays and the tool will show you.

NOTE: We recommend you use Google Analytics as it tells you more about your website. If you’re already using Google Analytics then there is no need to use the website visitor counter tool.

  • Hit the enter key and you’ll see a code in the next textbox.
  • Copy the code and paste it into the source code box shown on your website for website visitor embed.
  • Now, again refresh your website.
  • It’s done! Your website counts the number of visitors.