What Does Error Code B200 Mean on a Canon Printer

Canon B200 Error: What It Is and How to Fix It

You might have come across the error code B200 while using your Canon printer. We are not happy to tell you that this error is more than a regular error and is a very serious warning that your printer is unfortunately not in a good condition.

The recommended and good solution to this is replacing it because this error is very rare to occur in newly brought printers. This certainly means that your printer has completed its life and now it’s time to say goodbye to it.

But if you cannot afford to buy a new one or just simply don’t want to, there is a solution to remove that error and get some bonus time with your canon printer.

What Causes the Canon printer Error Code B200?

From the deep research, it has been found that there are several factors why your Canon printer shows support code b200 on the printer screen.

  • Ink Carriage jam inside the printer:- In the past, if there were any paper jams that happed on the canon printer, then there is a possibility that your ink carriage get a jam over the printer grip. Therefore, remove the jammed carriage before printing. Otherwise, you will get the same b200 support code on the canon printer.
  • Waste Ink Tank might be Full:- Another scenario is the ink waste tank. In some Canon printers, you will find a waste ink tank that holds the waste ink used during the cleaning process. It’s recommended to check that tank if it is full. Clean the ink tank to remove the Canon support code b200 from the printer.
  • Cartridges dried up (not used for a long time):- Two types of cartridges are used in Canon printers 2 and 4+. If you are using your printer after a long time then these cartridge holes dried up and you will get the same Canon printer error code b200.
  • Print Head overheat (blocks the connection):- See sometimes it happens when you are printing too many pages at the same time from the Canon Pixma printer. And the print head of the printer gets overheated. During that time print head loses the connection with the cartridges and the Canon error code b200 starts flashing on the printer screen.

How to Fix the Canon Support Code B200 Error

There are several things you can do to try to fix a faulty print head and eliminate the B200 error. Try some of the below suggestions before you replace the entire device.

Method 1: Reset the Canon Printer.

  1. Power off your printer first, then press the Stop button on the front of the printer for 2 seconds.
  2. Now, you are requested to press the ON button while holding the Stop button.
  3. When the power light is lit, keep holding the ON button but you have to release the Stop button for once.
  4. Thereafter, press the Stop button five times and you should still hold the ON button.
  5. Now, release both the buttons and wait for the printer to shut down. The power light will continue to blink until the printer is shut down.
  6. Finally, start the printer after some time, now try to print and check whether the B200 error displays or not.

Method 2: Clean the Print Head.

To do so, open the top cover of your printer and take out all the installed cartridges. Now pull up the handle and take out the printhead. The printer heads are very fragile so you need to handle them with utmost care. Hold a clean cotton cloth and dip it into warm water. Now, clean the extra ink from the print head and let it dry. Once the printer head is ready to insert back into the printer, install it carefully. Place all the ink cartridges, close the top cover of the printer and check for the B200 error.

Method 3: Try a new ink cartridge.

If your printer shows a B200 error in between the printing process, it must be possible that the installed ink cartridges are faulty. In that case, you should replace the old ink cartridge with a new one. For that, check the hardware specifications of your particular printer and then insert a cartridge that best suits your printer. This may resolve the B200 error.

Method 4: Uninstall the Outdated Printer software

If you are trying to forward the print requests to your printer by using an outdated printer driver, your printer will surely not respond and may show you a B200 error. Hence uninstall the driver from your specific operating system. Once the uninstallation is successful, you should visit one of the Canon websites. Select your printer model and then download the latest printer driver. For installation, you have to first link your printer to the computer, acknowledge all the Canon agreements, allow the firewall settings, and finally tick mark the software checkboxes. This will complete the reinstall process of Canon drivers.

If none of the above methods work, then the B200 error is probably accurate. It’s time to shop for a new printer.