What is Data Entry?

Typing or entering any file, list, document, text or number or any type of information in a computer program or any app is called data entry, no degree or qualification is required to enter data.

Many companies require people to add raw data into databases, add sales figures into electronic formats. Enter market research data into electronic system multiple times during the course of a business day.

Data entry is the inputting of data or information into a computer using input devices, such as a keyboard, scanner, disk, and voice.

Types of Data Entry Jobs:

Clerk, Keyer, Transcriptionist, Typist and more.

What you need to get Data Entry Job?

  • You only need a high school diploma to qualify for most jobs.
  • A diverse background in a variety of software can make you a more appealing candidate.
  • Typists are generally required to be accurate at 60 words a minute or more.
  • A good resume is the first step to successfully finding a job.
  • The internet provides many opportunities for work.
  • Some Basic Knowledge Of English
  • Computer Basic Knowledge
  • Good English Typing Speed
  • Knowledge Of Internet
  • Your Interest And Trust

Why is Data Entry Important?

  • You work as a professional who is responsible to streamline the data required by businesses You will be a key person responsible for reducing the cost of data handling.
  • You can also work as a part-time clerk after completing senior secondary.
  • It acts as a good source of supplemental income.
  • One of the most flexible jobs to do as you can work as a freelancer.
  • Provide multiple benefits including working form suitable location, setting your own schedule and other.
  • High demand for such jobs and workers can find employment readily.

How to succeed in the Data Entry field?

  • English language skills are essential to work. You can improve your language by practicing reading and writing in English and by taking any English language course.
  • Good typing speed is the most important skill that is required in field. Practice till you reach a typing speed of at least 35 words per minute.
  • There are many free online tutorials that can help you learn how to use office equipment effectively.
  • You will need to communicate with employers and colleagues during your projects.

Benefits of Data Entry:

  • Flexible working schedule.
  • Payment against entry.
  • Low level of stress.