10 Best Free Font Apps For iPhone

iPhone can be a status symbol, but even iPhone users like to enjoy some things for free, even if it’s a simple ringtone or font app. We have a list of the 10 best free iPhone apps for you.

Cool Fonts

Great fonts can be used on iPhone at any time. This application is used by popular applications such as Snapchat, TikTok, Kik, WeChat and Messenger. This font app can also be used on iPad and iPod along with the iPhone. However, it is only 3 days free.

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Font For You

It has more than 100 fonts including italics, italics, gothic, bold and bubble. The keyboard can also be customized to your taste. This font app is often used for bios or social media account stories.

Font Changer (Keyboard Fonts)

This application not only provides great fonts but also customizes your gifs. The application tools are specially designed to help users attract other users to their social media profiles.

The application allows its users to enjoy multitasking using a tool with daily tasks. In addition to trying out different styles and colors, users can also add music or pictures on the keyboard and font options.


This is another application that is compatible with all kinds of social media applications – WhatsApp, iMessage, Clubhouse, TikTok, Facebook and more.

By customizing users for more than 50 keyboards, the application makes it easy to customize headlines and messages and add a specific brand or personality. This is the perfect app for someone who has no graphics knowledge but wants to improve social media accounts.

Font Diner

This application is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, which can handle large and small designs. It is designed to create creative projects in retro style. It has a basic set of fonts that includes key notes, numbers and pages. Additional fonts can be opened for $5.


Submit fonts to the configuration profile and use Fonts to OTF or TTF fonts on the iPhone. Once the email is complete, users can extract FontBook fonts for any application to access.

Fonteer is compatible with Pages, Keynote, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Adobe Comp. Allows users to manage multiple fonts along with browsing or installing Google fonts as multiple fonts by downloading them to a single browser.


Fonts ++ has design fonts that are visible on all other iPhones, even if the user you contact doesn’t have those fonts with them, all of which are based on Unicode.

This font is great for social media, but can also be synced with calendars, folders, to-do lists, and more. It has a trial 3 days before you can enjoy a monthly or annual subscription.


This is a slightly different application than the others because it allows users to get any font from other applications that they use to create their own fonts.

All you have to do is take a screenshot or upload a picture of any font they want to your phone. You can even try the font you want and use it in your own text.


This font application allows users to download TTF, TTC and OTF fonts. You can also add compressed files to a ZIP file for use in applications, namely Pages, Keynote, Microsoft Word and more. However, this application is not compatible with keyboard fonts.

Adobe Creative Cloud

This famous graphic design service offers its own iPhone application that contains more than 1,300 free fonts. Remarkably, not everyone who downloads this app needs to be a Creative Cloud subscriber.

You can use this font in many other iPhone applications, even if your phone has been upgraded to the latest software.

FAQs – Font Apps For iPhone

What are the 3 Types of Keyboards on an iPhone?

You can switch between QWERTY, AZERTY and QWERTZ. However, most of us use the default keyboard layout on our iPhones and iPads, which is probably QWERTY.

Can an iPhone have an Android Keyboard?

Android lovers like to use the Gboard, but don’t worry, you can always install third-party keyboards on your iPhone. However, it can support all features.

What Font Does Apple Use?

Apple uses the San Francisco (SF) font on all Apple platforms. However, SFPro is the system font used by macOS. Using it gives your text readability, clarity and consistency for applications on Apple platforms.

What is the Default Font Size Of iPhone?

As per reports, while the default size is 100% you can make it as small as 80% normal size or as large as 310%.

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