360 total security – Download

Click on the “Download For Free” button to directly download the free version of 360 Total Security safeguard application to protect your device.

In the cyber security realm, 360 Total Security is an antivirus software developed by Qihoo 360. It provides complete protection from different viruses, threats and other security risks to your PC. Let’s understand more about 360 Total Security.

Introduction to 360 total security

If you are running a program that is not safe, maybe it contains some kind of malware or viruses then 360 Total Security safeguard application provides you complete protection and enhance the performance of your PC. 360 Total Security program keeps your system optimized. It is developed by a Chinese internet security company named as Qihoo 360 in 2014. The software harnesses the power of multiple antivirus engines, including Avira and Bitdefender, along with its proprietary technologies, to deliver a comprehensive shield against a spectrum of online threats.

How to download & Install 360 total security?

Here is how you can download it from the official website and install it in some easy steps:

  1. Visit 360 Total Security’s official website.
  2. Search the “Download” and “Get it Now” at the home page of the website.
  3. Select the compatible version with your operating system and download.
  4. Run the installer after downloaded successfully.
  5. Follow the instructions and finish the installation process.

Core features

  • 360 Total Security comes with a multi-engine approach that amalgamates different detection techniques, enhancing the software’s capability to identify and eliminate threats effectively.
  • The software offers real-time scanning and protection as It identifies the potential threats and neutralizes them so that your system stays safe from all the security risks.
  • Its sandbox feature allows the isolation of suspicious files, preventing potential threats from impacting the rest of the system while enabling users to analyze these files safely.
  • Apart from its robust security features, it offers system optimization tools such as disk cleanup, system vulnerability detection, and performance enhancement features that boost the overall efficiency of your device.
  • 360 Total Security boasts a user-friendly interface so that user can customize scans and manage application permissions effortlessly.
  • This is available for windows, mac and android.

Free vs. Premium Versions

This antivirus software comes with the free version as well as the premium version. Usually the free version provides you the basic protection and optimization features whereas the premium version includes additional functionalities such as advanced threat detection, firewall protection, and secure online browsing, depending upon the price and plans.