Best Voice Changer for PC

Do you remember when Talking Tom first came out? I did it because I couldn’t laugh at how stupid it was. This is the technology of changing sound at its most basic form. Now imagine that you can do this in real time and there are many sound variations. Because it will help you change the audio software. They come with many preset sound types such as alien voice, robot voice and cartoon voice. They can also change your voice by changing the pitch, frequency, tone and other aspects of the voice.

Scammers are already thinking about how they can use this software to joke about their friends and relatives. You can’t blame me. Voice changing software can also be useful for changing your voice while playing. It may just be for fun, but it may also be better to customize the character you are playing. If you play Black Ops Unit Commander, you will need a command voice that requires some respect.

So in this post I will guide you through some of the best voice changing software you can use. Depending on your intended use, you can choose a real-time voice changer as the alternative type you need to record a voice before you can change it. Now let’s dive.

Morph VOX

Morph Vox is a popular software with many great features. It is available as a free MorphVox Junior tool and as a paid version of MorphVox Pro. However, the free version may not work properly due to saved restrictions. For example, it has 3 sound options. Single man, woman and children. For the best experience, I would recommend using the premium version.

It converts audio in real time, making it suitable for online communication and gaming. MorphVox has two operating modes. Skinned mode allows you to easily select your chosen sound from the existing options, add some effects and you can go. Then there’s Studio mode, with which you can dive a little deeper. Here you can adjust the color and pitch of the sound.

MorphVox integrates quickly with various games and online chat platforms and includes a background sound filter, which is even more convenient when using the computer’s built-in microphone. Another interesting feature is the ability to add background sounds to help create real-time scenarios from your computer. MorphVox also allows you to convert recorded audio to WAV format. This software is only available on Windows.


Voice Mod is voice editing software for Windows users. It changes your voice online and provides support for many online games, the most famous of which are Fortnite, Minecraft and PUBG. It’s also a great choice for streaming and chatting online. Some Voice Mod compatible chat and streaming software includes Discord, Twitch, VRCat, Skype and Stream Deck.

Updates: Due to recent updates released by developers, the program is now considered malicious. We recommend that you do not download this program and continue with the other alternatives listed below.

Voice Mod updates your voice in real time and has an amazing collection of sound options and effects. From Chipmunk, a boy, an Android, an alien to the police, there is no shortage of voice types. There was still a crazy voice. Voice Mod is available for free.

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer is also free software and is available for Windows and Mac users. It allows you to basically change the voice in any application that uses the microphone, including all your favorite games. And there are also sound types and effects. There is even the possibility of accepting a male or female voice. Yes, there is a good chance that a girl who plays an online game with an angelic voice could be a dude.

Voxal Voice changer also changes your voice in real time, but also includes the ability to change the recorded sound. This software has an easy-to-understand user interface that speeds up the process of adjusting your voice. It is also relatively lightweight without affecting the performance of your system and other applications. It should be noted that if you want to use this voice converter in a business model, you must buy it. It is free for home use only.

Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish is a cross-platform application that can also be used to translate your voice into any application on your computer that uses a microphone. The most popular supported applications are Skype, Viber, Discord and TeamSpeak. It also turns your voice into steam, which is why it plays all your favorite games.

Clownfish does not support adding sound effects by default, but provides instructions on where to find and install them. The installation process is simple and the software does not burden the CPU performance too much. There are many voice options to choose from and to name just the most interesting, we have height for men, height for women, height for baby, intruder, robot and Darth Vader. This ending is good news for Star Wars fans. Clownfish Voice Changer is only available in Windows.

All-in-One Voice Changer

The All-in-One Voice Changer is what you call the enhanced Skype Voice Changer. It works on the same principle, but allows you to integrate it with other instant messaging tools such as Yahoo Messenger and QQ International. So basically, the All-in-One is a voice changer designed specifically for online chat.

This is a great software for making funny calls to your friends and relatives. Allows you to change the type of voice in the middle of a conversation to make things more fun. Changing your voice has never been easier than the All-in-One Voice Changer. Displays a slider that you can use to change the tone of your voice by scrolling left or right. You can review each change until you reach the desired option. You can also import and edit recorded .wav audio in the software.

Unfortunately, this software is not free. They give it away for free, but with a feline voice that’s a little bad. Additionally, once you upgrade, you will gain access to a video conversion feature that is not available with any software. You can use it to add funny dubs to your video chat.


This voice change solution allows you to personalize your rewards using dates and conditions as much as you can pay. This high-standard global network of operators is known for its invented, simplified and innovative voice features.

  • He synchronizes effortlessly and lives with external vendors, such as working on AI.
  • It provides better business results by allowing you to make VoIP calls and telephone networks.
  • It provides additional customization of various JSON actions to help control the flow of your calls through the Voice API.
  • It allows you to organize audio conferences using several tags.
  • Provides a personalized experience based on whether you address a living person as a voice message.

Hero Voicer – Voice Changer

If you are looking for fun, this voice changer is exactly what you need. It will change your voice in a way that is very different from a call, so joke on a different level.


  • You offer many different sounds for fun, for example you can sound like a robot or an alien.
  • It changes the tone of your voice, so like a man or a woman, etc.
  • You can add background noise effects such as traffic noise, storm and more. It offers almost 12 types of sounds and sound effects that you can also mix.
  • You can add your regular sound by mixing and importing new sounds.
  • In addition, you can select a voice with one click, manage your voices, provide an easy-to-use interface, and more.

AV Voice Changer

This is another great voice change software that allows you to do anything with your voice or any other sound. From manipulating the sound or recording to editing or mixing, you can edit your sound as a live audio file and adjust the flow as well.


It’s another voice changer with which you can enjoy your updated voice. From recording your voice or adding effects to sharing with friends, it offers a lot of fun for free.

All-in-One Voice Changer

Changing the volume of conversations is no longer an idea. This application is actually designed to allow you to effectively adjust your voice during voice and video calls. If you want to hide your identity or want to joke with your children or friends, this software will come in handy.

Skype Voice Changer Pro

While there are already many voice change apps that sync with Skype to change your voice when dialing, it’s a little different in its approach. It allows you to change your voice using live effects or speak in a robotic voice.


So if you want to change your voice when you talk to your friends online, or change your tone using a supported audio format, for example a guy wants to sound like a girl, this is without a doubt the best sound editing software. pleasure. Choose from the list above and start deceiving your friends with a newly updated voice.