can a ps4 get a virus

This is true that no one want virus attack on their ps4. Yes, you might get virus in your ps4. As ps4 is not a computer, but still it will infected by various things including downloading or streaming games from the faulty server or opening the infected message.

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Why can a PS4 get a virus?

Like every other OS, sony company’s playstation has a separate operating system which is especially designed for that only.

Now you get confuse that each console os is made of sony, but they all consists of different technology, memoey consumption, hardware usage and many other things.

Virus is just similar to the computer that can causes damage to your hardware, software both. There are many of viruses available, some of them hamper the processor or some of the damage the operating system of playstation

From where virus gets entry in playstation?

There are many ways from where virus gets entered in your playstation. You should consider this as a personal computer, so that virus can get from cloud data, external hard diisk, USB cables, flash drivers, USB’s, pirated softwares etc.

How To Prevent Your PS4 From Getting Hacked?

  1. [Go to Settings]>[Account Management]-[Privacy Settings]
  2. Enter the Password
  3. [Personal Info]>[Messages]> [No One]

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