Canon Printer Error E49

Connecting any printer to your computer device internet play a major channel to transfer instructions to printer device in all brand. Local area network is the channel used in offices and home network used to while you give print command to your printer.

Internet network preparation is required to connect your printer before you send a command to your printer else you fail to connect your printer. There are possible errors you face if internet connection is not prepared. Canon printer error E49 is similar error due to network connection is not prepared or connection to printer is not established.

Here you will learn more possible reason of canon printer error e49 and the solution to fix this error.

Causes of Canon printer error E49 ?

There are some following reasons of canon printer error E49.

  1. When the printer is not connecting with the internet.
  2. Due to improper connectivity of network.
  3. Due to not replace the ink absorber.

How to fix Canon Printer Error E49 ?

  1. First Turn off the Canon printer but do not switch off the power source.
  2. Then hold the power button and check the indicator lights which should be stable.
  3. Run a print test and check if the problem is fixed or not.
  4. After that you have to replace the ink absorber.
  5. Restart the devices. The router, modem and the computer must restart it will help in resolving the Error Code E49.
  6. Make sure that the connections are connect properly or not. If the connections are loose or damaged then you need to replace it with the authentic ethernet cable connections.