Cefsharp Browsersubprocess

CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe is an executable exe file associated with CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess process based on AOL Desktop Gold Software created by The CefSharp Authors software developer.

If the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe process is important in Windows 10, you must be careful when removing it. Sometimes the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe process may overuse the CPU or GPU. If it is malware or a virus, it can run in the background.

The .exe file extension for CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe indicates that this is an executable file for Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Is CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe safe to run? Is it a virus or malware?

Malware and viruses are also transmitted through exe files. That we must be sure before you run an unknown executable on our computers or laptops.

Now let’s see if the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe file is a virus or malware? Should it be removed to keep your computer safe? Read more below.

We will check the location of this exe file to determine if it is legitimate software or a virus. The location of this file and the risk assessment are described below.

File Location / Rating : C:Program Files (x86)RazerRazer ServicesRazer Central

To check whether the exe file is legit you can start the Task Manager. Then click on the columns field and add Verified Signer as one of the columns.

You can run Task Manager to verify that the .exe file is legitimate. Then click on the column field and add Verified Signer as one of the columns.

Over All Ratings for CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe

If the software developer is legitimate, it is not a virus or malware. If the developer does not appear in the list or looks suspicious, you can use the uninstaller to remove it.

Based on our analysis of whether this BrowserSubprocess file is virus or malware, we present our result below.

How To Remove or Uninstall CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe?

To remove CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe from your computer, follow these steps one at a time. This will remove CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe if it is part of the software installed on your computer.

  • If the file is a part of a software program, then it will also have an uninstall program. Then you can run the Uninstaller located at directory like C:Program Files>The CefSharp Authors>AOL Desktop Gold >CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess> CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe_uninstall.exe.
  • Or the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe was installed using the Windows Installer then to uninstall it Go to System Settings and open Add Or Remove Programs Option.
  • Then Search for CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe or the software name AOL Desktop Gold in the search bar or try out the developer name The CefSharp Authors.
  • Then click on it and select the Uninstall Program option to remove CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe file from your computer. Now the software AOL Desktop Gold program along with the file CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe will be removed from your computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe process?

To stop the cefsharp.browsersu process … you need to remove the program associated with the file, or if it is a virus or malware, remove it using the malware and virus removal tool.

Is the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe virus or malware?

According to the information we have CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe. But a good file can be infected with malware or a virus to hide itself.

Does CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe cause high disk usage?

You can find out by opening the Task Manager application (right-click on the Windows taskbar and select Task Manager) and click on the Disk option above to sort and determine the disk usage in CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe.

Does CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe cause high CPU usage?

You can find out by opening Task Manager and looking for the BrowserSubprocess process and checking the CPU usage percentage.

Does CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe cause high network usage?

If the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe file has high usage data. You can find them by opening the Windows Task Manager and searching for the BrowserSubprocess process and checking the network usage percentage.

How can you control GPU usage in CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe?

Use the GPU to check CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe. Open the Task Manager window and look in the column with the name CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe and check the GPU usage column.

I hope you learned more about the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe file and how to remove it. Also, share this article on social media if you find it helpful. If you have any other problems related to CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe, let us know in the comments below.