How to block websites on chrome?

There are several reasons why you may wish to block websites on your browser. You may want to avoid being distracted or restrict children from accessing unsuitable websites. However, there is no native way to block a website in Chrome.

Most users will need to use separate software or an add-on to block a website. This article will discuss how to block a website on Chrome on different devices, including PC, Android, and iOS.

Read on to learn all there is to know about blocking websites in Chrome.

How to block websites on Chrome mobile?

Apple’s native Screen Time is available on iOS and can be a great tool to block websites on mobile: 

  1. Open Settings > Screen Time
  2. Go to Content & Privacy Restrictions and select Content Restrictions
  3. Select Limit Adult Websites under Web Content 
  4. Tap Add Website and add web addresses of the sites you want to block. 

How to block sites on chrome on desktop?

There are essentially two ways to block websites on Chrome. The first method uses google crome and is relatively simple to set up The second method doesn’t require an extension but takes a bit more effort.

Block a Website on Chrome with extensions

As there are no built-in options for blocking a website on Google Chrome, using an extension is one of the best solutions. There are many extension options, including BlockSite and StayFocused.

We chose BlockSite for this demonstration but feel free to look for a different add-on that fulfills the same purpose.

Here are the steps to block a website using BlockSite:

Step 1: Search for BlockSite on the Chrome Web Store or follow this link to the add-ons page. On the page, click on Add to Chrome, and the add-on should start downloading.

Step 2: You should restart the browser once the installation is completed. Then, In your browser window, click on the Puzzle piece icon at the top-right corner of the screen. From there, click on the extension to initiate it.

Step 3: The extension will show an agreement on the first startup. Click on Agree and then click on the Gear icon in the top right corner of the extension window. This will open a page to set up the sites you wish to block.

Step 4: Input the URL of the website or webpage you wish to block in the first text box and then simply click on the + Add Item button. The website you want to block will be added to the list underneath. Note that you can only add up to 6 websites in the free version of this tool.

Block a website on chrome without extensions

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Admin account and head to the Homepage. From there, click on Devices and then click on Chrome.

Step 2: Click on Settings and head over to Users & Browsers. Here, you can choose the Top organizational unit that allows you to block a website for all users or choose a Child organizational unit that will restrict the website access for child accounts only.

Step 3: Whichever option you choose, scroll down to find the URL Blocking setting. There, enter the URLs of the websites you wish to block in Chrome. You can add up to 1000 websites at a time.

Step 4: Once you input the website URLs, simply click on Save