How to Connect a Microphone to Xbox-One

Xbox is a gaming console manufactured by Microsoft. Connect the Xbox to a TV, PC, or any other electronic display device. Once you plug it into a displaying device you can start to play games on it. It is the third product of the series of gaming consoles of Microsoft. The Xbox one uses wireless technology for connectivity. Xbox one comes with a controller that has a variety of buttons on it for different operations. It uses two AA batteries for power and comes with an AC power operator. It also comes with a headset so you don’t have to get one on your own.

The USB microphone consists of a diaphragm, capsule, two circuits, an AD converter, and a preamp. USB microphone connect easily to any device with a USB port. USB mics have great recording quality and they are not expensive either.

Xbox allows you to connect different types of microphones to Xbox consoles for use with certain games and activities.

How to Connect a Microphone to Xbox-One

  • Press the power button of Xbox console which is the large round button located in the front of the console.
  • Now, press and hold down the power button of microphone for 3 seconds until the lights begin to flash. The power button is located on the bottom of the microphone handle.
  • Again, press and hold the power button of microphone for 3 more seconds until the lights begin to flash rapidly. The microphone can now be connected, or paired, to your Xbox.
  • Press the Connect button of the Xbox which is the small round button located to the left of the power button of the console.
  • In a while, the Xbox and microphone will be connected. You will now see the lights around the power button light up and flash once, and the microphone lights will stop flashing. You will then be allowed to use the microphone with your Xbox.

In this article, we described How to Connect a Microphone to Xbox-One. Hope you are like it! Thanks for reading this. Check out this article if your Airpod Microphone not Working.