How to Get on Screen Keyboard?

On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) is an alternative method for physical keyboard. This is a software-based keyboard that is available on many operating system, especially on Windows. You can use the On-Screen keyboard by a joystick, pointing device (like a mouse), or your finger on a touch screen.

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Method 1: Open On-Screen Keyboard from Control Panel

  • Open the Control Panel and select either Large icons or Small icons in the View by menu.
  • Click Ease of Access Center.
  • Click Start On-Screen Keyboard.

Method: 2 Open On-Screen Keyboard in PC settings.

  • Enter PC settings.
  • Select Ease of Access in the settings.
  • Choose Keyboard, and tap the switch under On-Screen Keyboard to turn it on.

Method: 3 Turn On-Screen Keyboard on in Ease of Access Center.

  • Press Windows+U to open the Ease of Access Center
  • Choose Start On-Screen Keyboard.

Method: 4 Using Command Prompt How to Get on Screen Keyboard?

  • Press the Windows key + R to open the Run box, or open the Command Prompt.
  • Type osk and hit Enter.
  • This will open the On-Screen Keyboard immediately.

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Method: 5 Open On-Screen Keyboard through Cortana Search

  • Click the Cortana Search box on the taskbar
  • Type osk and then click the “On-Screen Keyboard” desktop app to launch it.

Turn on Screen Keyboard using Windows PowerShell

  • Click the Start button and choose Windows PowerShell in the Start Menu to open it.
  • Type osk in Windows PowerShell window and hit Enter.

So there you have it – the information about the On-Screen Keyboard, and the instructions to get On-Screen Keyboard.

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