How to do a Spanish Accent?

¿How can you enter a repeating character in a question object?

If you are learning Spanish and plan to write or take notes on a computer, you may sometimes ask yourself this question. You should also introduce other Spanish accents and characters, such as:

á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¡

But they may seem a little confused. Are they really important?

Spanish-speaking people will probably know what you mean, if not. But it looks sloppy – like forgetting capital letters, commas and question marks in English:

when you write something like that in English, you know what I’m saying, but something is wrong.

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The Quick and Easy Guide to Typing Spanish Accents

If you want to impress people with your fluent Spanish, you need the right accents and characters.

Fortunately, it’s easy if you know how!

Keep reading to learn how to write Spanish accents and characters in:

  • A Mac
  • A PC
  • Your smartphone

How to Type Accents on Spanish Vowels?

To type á, é, í, ó, ú and ü on a mac, just press and hold the vowel you want to accent.

How to Type ñ?

For ñ, use this keyboard combination:

  • Hold down the alt key (sometimes known as the option)
  • Hold down alt / option and press n
  • Wait for the symbol symbol (highlighted in yellow) to appear
  • Now release both keys and press n again.
To type Spanish characters like ñ, ¡ and ¿, you’ll need to use a keyboard combination with the alt key (sometimes known as option).

How to type ¿

For the upside down question mark use this combination:

  • Press and hold alt/option + shift
  • Whilst holding alt/option + shift, press ?

How to type ¡?

The keyboard combination for the symbol may vary depending on the computer you are using (for me it is alt / option +?).

Here’s an easy way to find it on your keyboard:

  • Press and hold the Alt / Option key
  • While still holding the alt / option, play by pressing a few keys
  • You will see some random symbols such as ∆º¬øæ… Continue until you find ¡

How to Type Spanish Accents on an old-school Mac?

If you want to type á, é, í, ó and ú, but you do not see a pop-up menu when you press and hold the cursor, you can enter accents using a simple keyboard combination.

The specific key will depend on the keyboard you have, but you can easily find it using the following method:

  • Click and hold alt / option
  • While pressing alt / option, press several keys until you see this symbol: ´ (highlighted in yellow). This number 8 is on my keyboard.
  • Now release the two keys and enter the letter you want to highlight.

How to type Spanish accents on windows

If you have the U.S. international keyboard installed, you can type Spanish accents on Windows by simply typing an apostrophe followed by the vowel you want to accent.

  • á = ‘ + a
  • é = ‘ + e
  • í = ‘ + i
  • ó = ‘ + o
  • ú = ‘ + u

Here are the keyboard combos for the other accents/characters:

  • ü = ” + u
  • n = ˜+ n
  • ¡ = alt + !
  • ¿ = alt + ?

You can install this keyboard by searching language settings > options > add a keyboard > United-States International. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll see a language bar has appeared next to the clock in the start bar. If it’s not already selected, click on the language and select ENG INTL.

Do you know how to type Spanish symbols on your keyboard now? Write a Spanish sentence below, using some Spanish accents and characters!