What does poggers mean?

what does Poggers mean

Poggers is slang used from twitch platform and emote typically used to express enthusiasm, enthrallment or other sophisticated emotions of happiness and dopamine. The Term Poggers or Prog used between Online teenager gamers and internet users. This terms is used when kids are excited and feel awesome about playing a game. Because of high popularity these day teenagers … Read more

Where is the Serial Number on a Dell Laptop

where is the serial number on dell laptop...

To find serial number on a dell laptop you have to lick your start/home button, scroll down and click “Windows Administrative Tools” or “Windows System”& “Command Prompt” On the Command Prompt window, type “wmic bios get serial number”, you can also look at the bottom of the laptop and flip open the middle cover to … Read more

How to Make Google Chrome Default Browser

how to make google chrome default browser

To make google chrome default browser you have to click on start menu after that select settings from the options menu then click on apps tab and select default apps from the side panel, then under web browser, click on the current browser and choose google chrome from the app window, then hit done. Make … Read more

Local Disk

Local Desk

Local Disk is a computer disk drive that is installed directly within the host or the computer. It is a computer’s native hard disk drive (HDD), which is directly accessed by the computer for storing and retrieving data. This is also known as a local drive. How to find a local disk? The hard drive … Read more

System Information

system information

System Information is a profiler included with Microsoft Windows that displays diagnostic and troubleshooting knowledge related to the operating system, hardware and software. It has been bundled with Windows since Windows NT 4.0. it is a utility that allows its users to view full information about their computer. What is the importance of System Information? Its … Read more

Mouse Does Not Work on Laptop

mouse does not working on laptop

Mouse Does Not Work on Laptop make sure the wireless mouse is receiving power by checking for some indication of power (usually a light). Move your mouse around on the mouse pad to see if any indicator comes on. If your mouse has a power switch, it’s often on the bottom side. If the mouse … Read more

How to Transfer Data to New Computer

How to Transfer Data to New Computer

Most convenient way to transfer data from PC to new PC is to use the company’s local area network as the transfer medium with both computers connected to the network, you can map the hard drive of one computer as a hard drive on the other computer. How to Transfer Files and Settings to a … Read more

Canon Printer Error E08

Canon Printer Error E08

Canon Printer Error e08 occurs when the “ink cartridge is full”. The following error can be removed by shifting the print head cover. To solve this problem, the solution is discussed below. Related Canon Printer Errors : E05, 6A80, 6C10, 5800, 5200, P02, P03, P08 Why do we face error E08? This error occurs when the Ink cartridge is full or … Read more

What is Device Manager ?

Device Manager is a component of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It allows users to view and control the hardware connected to the computer. Which is defined as a control panel that locates and lists information about hardware devices and their status. For each device, users can – Supply device drivers according to the Windows … Read more

Software of Microsoft

Software of Microsoft

Microsoft is a developer of personal computer software. It is best known of Software for Microsoft its Windows operating system, the Internet Explorer and subsequent Microsoft Edge web browsers, the Microsoft Office family of productivity software plus services, and the Visual Studio IDE. The company also publishes books and video games, and produces its own … Read more

dell service status

If you want to check dell service request status then visit on official dell tech support. In this article we will show dell service status. you can also see the video below. How to access the hardware configuration on the Dell Website? Follow these simple steps: Open up your browser and browse dell.com/support. Enter your … Read more

Hp to Kw

Hp to Kw

The term horsepower was adopted by Scottish inventor James Watt to measure the power output of his steam engine and to compare that power with that of horses. There are now several different types of horsepower, including mechanical, electrical, metric, boiler, brake, and indicated, and they all have different applications in industry. Mechanical and electric … Read more

Multifactor authentication with iOS

Creating Multifactor authentication using your iOS mobile is easy with password or without password. you can manage your work, personal or school account seperatly. Get app from link : https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=722779 Multifactor authentication with Password Multi factor authentication (MFA) also known as two factor authentication (2FA) is a second layer of security. This is the authentication … Read more

How to make mac dark mode?

MacOS Mojave released a Dark Mode interface in 2018, Dark Mode interface became one of the biggest attractions and even reasons why people upgraded. The iOS Dark Mode followed. Developers that create software for Mac and iOS started tailoring their products for dark interfaces. If you’re using your Mac in the night hours or in … Read more

How to enter function googlesheets api?

Google Sheets API allows you to write values and formulas to cells, ranges, sets of ranges, and entire sheets. Functions can only be inserted through the cells feed. In this article we will show you how to enter function googlesheet api You can see an example below section. how exactly enter function googlesheet api. What … Read more

How to format a hard drive?

To format a hard drive means to erase any information on the drive and to set up a file system so your operating system can read data from the drive and write data to the drive. If you need to format a hard drive if you plan on using it in Windows or mac then … Read more