How to find your W2 on HR block?

How to find your W2 on hr block?

W-2 forms are a source of frustration every year. Legally, employers are only required to send W-2 forms by January 31 of each year, or the next business day if that date falls on a holiday or weekend. With an estimated 70 million W-2s available, it’s easy to find and find you. Once you’ve viewed your W-2 online, just follow the simple instructions, click a button, and it’ll be available for download at any H&R Block tax office.
You can get your W-2 from H&R Block for free. Known as the W-2 Early Access Service, it allows you to get an electronic version of your W-2 so you can get an early start on your taxes.
You can’t find your W-2? No problem! The database is updated weekly. Simply enter your email address and we will let you know when it is available. H&R Block’s W-2 Finder s is a tool you can use to get your W2 form online and file your taxes faster. And that ultimately means getting your refund even faster.
You don’t have to wait for your W-2 to arrive by mail when using H&R Block W-2 Finder. Once you’ve pulled your W-2 electronically, it’s safely stored and ready to start filing with H&R Block. Best of all, you’ll get it for free.

What is W-2 on hr block?

Simply stated, the IRS Form W-2 is a wage and tax statement that reports your wages and the taxes withheld from your wages. However, if you’ve ever looked at a W-2 form, you’ll notice that it has several lines of information and lots of boxes and codes on it. There’s a lot to unpack where form W-2 is concerned. So, whether you just want an overview or a deep dive, we’re here to help you understand your W-2 form.H&R Block’s free W-2 Early AccessSM service lets an electronic copy be sent to us so you can get an early start on your taxes. Search for your employer’s name, or your company’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and select it from the generated list.

How Do you Get My W-2 Form Online?

Using H&R Block’s W-2 Finder is fast and straightforward. It’s a three-step process.

  • Go to the W2 Finder Search Page.
  • Enter your employer’s name or Federal Employer Identification Number to verify they participate in the program.
  • If they do, follow the onscreen instructions so your W-2 can be sent electronically to H&R Block. If it’s not currently available, you will receive an email notifying you when it is.
  • After you have found your W2, you can get a discount when using H&R Block online to file your taxes.