How to hack wifi password ?

how to hack wifi password

In this article, We are going to learn how to hack WiFi password. We will use Cain and Abel tool to decode wireless network passwords in Windows. Regarding this we will provide useful information that can be used to hack or crack the WEP and WPA keys related to wireless networks. Here are some methods given that you can use to do so.

Method 1

Hacking of WI-FI Password using ‘PASS WI-FI’

It is so easy to hack wifi password with the help of ‘PASS Wi-Fi’ you just need to follow some simple steps to unlock wifi as given below :

  • In order to crack a wifi password, you must log into a wifi network where the wifi network of the network you want to hack.
  • Then you should check in the mobile settings if you are unable to see the wi-fi network on your mobile screen.
  • Then download the ‘PASS Wi-Fi’ app for your device (both android and IOS) and also if you are using a computer or laptop download software in the system.
  • In this whole process, the first step is to install it on your mobile phone or laptop.
  • Then launch the ‘PASS Wi-Fi’ program on your device to ensure that it is close to the WiFi network.
  • The PASS Wi-Fi app will now download the wifi network next to it.
  • After downloading the data it will then automatically create a single request to connect to the router. This connection request generates wifi data on your screen with wifi password. And that’s it!

Method 2

Get Wi-Fi Password with Fluxion Attack

  • It is the most recommended method for hacking wifi password.
  • In this way, one new page opens on the mobile phone or laptop of the wifi user you want to hack and asks them to enter the password.
  • Best part of this method is not giving any access to the user to wifi whenever he or she enters the correct wifi password.

Method 3

Get Wi-Fi Password using MAC Filtering

As we know, all devices have their own unique MAC addresses. When a device is connected to wi-fi then the MAC address of the device is routed. You can get wi-fi access but to make sure this, you need administrator access on the route.

While you have administrator access to the route, you can go to external settings then and change the MAC archive with your device address.

If you do not know about the administrator login and password, then go to Kali Linux and it will automatically detect which MAC is connected to the router. Then you can replace it with the MAC address of your device to complete the process.

Method 4

Connect WI-FI with WPS Enabled

  • You can connect to any router with the help of the WPS setting. All you need to do is press the WPS button for your router and then go to the WPS settings for your mobile or laptop and find the WPS connection over there.
  • Then it will automatically connect to your device and now you can access the Internet.