How to extend wifi range ?

As most wifi range is limited to 150 ft inside home and about double that if it’s outside. Internal walls and other structures play role to block or limit the range of wifi. Here are a few simple steps that will help you to ensure wifi’s best possible range.

Method 1

Using WiFi Range Extender :

If you buy and install a wifi range extender then it will boost the signal reaching your devices. This will also help to mitigate the issue of obstructions and its basic range issues because it improves the signal that is reaching your system.

This is one of the most basic and easy methods when we want to extend our wifi range.

Method 2

Using Additional Router :

As a second option, You can extend your wifi range by adding another router. Router is a device that all of your electronics and systems can connect to. If you need additional wifi range or capacity to strengthen the signal, installing another router to your home system to resolve your problem.

Since routers are expensive so they will cost more than an extender, but the results will be better if you choose it. If you use two or more routers together then they form a wifi mesh network.

Method 3

With The Movement of Our Router :

The location of a router can often be an issue regarding this problem. If it is nestled into a corner or unable to located in the center of the home, the signal may not reach as far as it should. If it is possible to move your wifi router around then try this method and see if that gives you a wifi range extension.

You can also try to change the elevation of your wifi to boost the signal. If your home has half walls or retaining walls and your wifi router is sat low then the range can be limited as they can present further interruption.

Method 4

Upgradation of A Router :

If you have an old 2.4 ghz router, then you should upgrade to a 5 ghz model. This will definitely improve the signal strength and make sure. This will also improve the signal that is reaching each of your devices available in the range.