How to play minesweeper on google ?

how to play minesweeper on google

Minesweeper is one of the most famous time-wasters known to Windows users. It used to come standard with the Windows operating system, but hasn’t since Windows 8. However, Windows 10 users who want to solve logic puzzles instead of work can still get their Minesweeper fix. He still has a few more steps to go. Here’s How to play minesweeper on google .

Play minesweeper on google –

To play Minesweeper on Google use the steps mentioned below :

Learning Minesweeper Mechanics –

  1. Understand the principles behind Minesweeper. Each Minesweeper game begins with a grid of unmarked squares. After clicking on one of these squares, some squares will disappear, some will be left blank and some will have numbers. It’s your job to use the numbers to find which empty squares contain mines and which are safe to click.
  2. Minesweeper is similar to a Sudoku puzzle in that your success largely depends on being able to eliminate possible answers until only one answer remains.
  3. Use LEFT and RIGHT BUTTON of MOUSE. You only need a mouse to play Minesweeper. The left mouse button is used to click on squares that do not contain mines, while the right mouse button is used to flag squares that do contain mines.
  4. On higher difficulties, you’ll need to mark squares that you suspect contain mines, until you can verify that they contain mines.
  5. Don’t worry about your first click. There will never be a mine under the first square you click; [1] Clicking on a square will clear some boards, others a number of squares.
  6. Know what the numbers mean. A number on a square refers to the number of mines that are currently touching that square. For example, if two squares touch each other and there is a “1” on one square, you know that there is a mine under the square next to it.

Downloading Minesweeper –

  1. Open Start. Click the Windows logo in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  2. At the beginning type store. Doing so will search the Store app on your computer.
  3. Microsoft Store App Icon v3.png Open Microsoft Store. Click the Microsoft Store search result near the top of the Start window.
  4. Click on the “Search” bar. It’s in the upper-right corner of the Microsoft Store window.
  5. Search for Minesweeper. Type Microsoft Minesweeper in the “Search” bar, then wait for the drop-down menu to appear at the bottom of the bar.
  6. Click on Microsoft Minesweeper. It’s below the Search bar in the drop-down menu.
  7. Click Receive. It’s a blue button below the “Microsoft Minesweeper” heading. Doing so will install Minesweeper on your computer.

Playing Minesweeper –

  1. Open Minesweeper. After Minesweeper is installed, click Launch when prompted, or open Start type in Minesweeper, and click the green Microsoft Minesweeper app.
  2. Select a difficulty level. In the upper-left of the window, launch your first game by clicking on one of the following difficulty settings :
  • Easy 9×9 – Nine-by-nine grid with 10 mines.
  • Medium 16×16 – Sixteen-by-sixteen grid with 40 mines.
  • Expert 30×16 – Thirty-six grid with 99 mines.
  • Custom – Set your own game parameters including grid size, number of mines, etc.
  1. Navigate the tutorial if you wish. If this is your first game in Microsoft Minesweeper, you will be prompted to start a tutorial that will help you practice the fundamentals of Minesweeper.
  • If you don’t want to play through the tutorial, click Skip at the top of the window instead.
  1. Click on any square on the grid. Doing so will start the Minesweeper game.
  2. Review the numbers. Any number on the board refers to the number of mines currently touching the square of that number.
  3. Right-click on any square you think contains mines. It will put a flag on the square. It’s best to start with squares that are made up entirely of mines (for example, a lone square next to a “1” on the board) to help with the elimination process later.
  • Make sure you don’t mark more squares than the number of squares on the board.
  1. Double-right-click any indeterminate square. Doing so will put a question mark over the square, indicating that you want to leave the square alone until you’ve excluded the other squares.
  • This is a safe strategy for boards on which you have all but two or three mines.
  1. Click on any square that does not contain mines. This will clear the sections in question.
  2. Clear the board. To win a round of Minesweeper, you have to click on every square on the board that doesn’t have a mine under it. Once this is done, the game will be over.
  • If you accidentally click on the square under which there is a mine, the game will end. You will have the option to start a new game or to redo the game you just played.

How to download minesweeper from Microsoft store ?

Microsoft still hosts the “official” version of Minesweeper in its digital storefront. Here’s how to find and install it.

  • Open Microsoft Store.
  • Search for “minesweeper” using the search box.
  • Several versions of Minesweeper exist. To download the official version of Microsoft, select Microsoft Minesweeper.
  • Select Receive.
  • Minesweeper will be downloaded to your computer.
  • To run Minesweeper after you’ve downloaded it, open your start menu and search for it under Recently Added.
  • Minesweeper will open, and you can start playing.

Basic rules of play minesweeper on google –

If you’re new to playing this classic game (or want a refresher before getting back into it), here’s a quick rundown of how to play Minesweeper.

  1. Each game starts with a blank grid of squares that vary in size depending on the difficulty you choose.
  • Easy: 9×9
  • Medium: 16×16
  • Expert: 30×16
  1. The number at the top shows how many mines are hidden in the board. Your goal is to find out where they are.
  2. Select any box to start playing. The board will reveal the information based on where you have clicked.
  • If the box you choose is not adjacent to a mine, the board will reveal all squares around it that are not next to the mines.
  • If the box you selected is adjacent to a mine, the board will display a number showing how many mines are in the surrounding squares (including the diagonals).
  • If the first box you select contains a mine, the game automatically marks it and reveals the other squares according to the previous two rules.
  1. You can see by the numbers find out where the mines are. For example, the two blue squares in the middle row on this board are definitely mines.
  • Because all the boxes around them have a 1.
  1. Once you’re sure where the mine is, right-click the box to flag it.
  2. Keep selecting squares and marking mines until you uncover every part of the grid or select a mine. Whichever comes first.