How to Replace ink Cartridge Canon

Need to replace ink cartridge canon? Each canon printer is a little different, but they all follow the same general steps. This article teaches you how to replace the ink cartridge canon.

  • Write down the printer brand and model number. You will need to know both in order to find the correct replacement ink cartridges.
  • Press the power button on your printer Image titled Windowspower.png. Before attempting to access the ink cartridges, ensure your printer is turned on. This ensures that the print carriage is working properly.
how to replace ink cartridge canon
  • Your printer may also be able to tell you the exact ink levels and which cartridges need to be replaced. You can also check ink levels on a Windows computer. Generally, the power button has an icon that resembles a circle with a line going through the top.
how to replace ink cartridge canon
  • Open the compartment that contains the ink cartridges. Each printer model is different. Some models have a lid on the top that opens. Others have a flap on the front that opens. Look for a release button or grip area where you can use to grab the lid or flap with your fingers. The carriage that contains the ink cartridges should slide into the access area on its own.
  • Take note of the cartridge manufacture, model number, and color. The numbering and labeling systems vary by printer manufacturers and models. On some printers, all the ink is contained in a single cartridge.
how to replace ink cartridge canon
  • Purchase new cartridges. Use the numbers you wrote down to buy either at an office store or online. You can also take your cartridges to an ink re-filler. If you are unsure, take the cartridge to the store and ask an employee to help you find the right match
  • Remove the cartridges you want to replace. Depending on the model printer you have, there may be multiple cartridges to choose from. The way you remove a cartridge will vary depending on the make and model of the printer. Consult the user’s manual or manufacturer’s web page for your printer if you need help removing the cartridges.
  • Shake the new cartridge and then remove it from the package. Shaking will help the first few print jobs come out looking better. Be sure to shake before opening the bag to prevent leakage.
how to replace ink cartridge canon
  • Remove protective strips and tabs from the ink cartridge, insert the cartridge into the printer. It should go in the reverse way that you remove it.

Print a test page. This will make sure that the cartridges have been installed correctly, and will get the ink flowing before your first real document.