How to unblock youtube?

How to unblock youtube?

YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming site, and over five billion videos are watched on there each day. But it’s not always possible to view the YouTube videos that you want. Schools and workplaces often block the site to reduce bandwidth costs and minimize distractions. Some countries, such as China, block YouTube nationwide. Plus, when users upload videos, they can choose for them to be only available in certain regions. This is where an VPN comes in.

unblock you tube

The easiest way you can unblock YouTube with a VPN or others. The best VPN services mask what you’re doing from your internet service provider and government, and route all your internet traffic through a remote server. If you install a VPN that supports YouTube unblocking, you can watch any YouTube video from anywhere. The most effective and reliable way to watch banned YouTube videos is with the help of a VPN. A virtual private network will trick YouTube by changing your local IP address. This will make them assume that you are watching the video from a foreign country.

Easy Ways to Unblock YouTube:

how to unblock you tube

Way 1: Unblock YouTube with VPN

Follow these steps:

  • We recommend NordVPN, a global leader in VPN services.
  • Download, and install the app.
  • Connect to a server in the correct region.
  • Open up your VPN app and toggle it on to make sure your VPN is activated for your current internet connection.
  • Go to YouTube and find the video you want to unblock.
  • Click on the video you want to watch. If the video is allowed in your VPN’s region, the video should start playing. If it doesn’t you might need to check your VPN’s regional settings.

Way 2: Unblock YouTube with modify URL

Changing the URL as per your requirement would help you bypass the block. For, e.g., Instead of HTTPS, you can type the URL as HTTP or vice versa. go through the steps given below to unblock a Youtube video:

  • Open any web browser.
  • Then double click on the link to extend it. Now, you can see, previously, the S was missing in the URL HTTP.
  • After the double click, you can see the S has appeared (HTTPS).
  • You can add or subtract the S as per your link’s requirement.
  • And there you go! After pressing enter, you can watch any video that you like.

Way 3: Unblock YouTube with a proxy

A proxy server works in a similar way to a VPN, as it routes your traffic through a server to make it appear as though you’re in a different location. This will let you bypass firewalls and geographic content restrictions. However, unlike VPNs, most proxy servers don’t encrypt your data, so they’re not as secure. This means that someone could snoop on your online activities. And you’ll be more vulnerable to data hacks and other online threats.
But, if all you want to do is watch some region restricted YouTube videos, a proxy server is certainly an easy way to do this.

There are three main types of proxy servers:

  • Web proxies
  • Browser add-ons
  • SOCKS proxies you can manually setup on your browser

There are loads of proxy websites that are easy to use. In fact, using a proxy server to unblock YouTube is one of the most straightforward methods, although, as we’ve said, it’s not the most secure.

Way 4: Unblock YouTube with use Tor

Using Tor, your data is routed through its network of servers where data packs will jump through several relays and exit the network at their destination. This security measure prevents network administrators, ISPs, and hackers from tracking your online activity, but since Tor does not encrypt your data, your data is visible as soon as it leaves the network.

In fact, Tor was designed to keep access to information free in the face of authoritarian and malevolent governments. It wasn’t designed for streaming, and due to its relatively slow speeds and low bandwidth, videos are likely to load very slowly. However, using Tor with a compatible VPN can be a powerful security tool. This combination can provide a completely anonymous network solution. A VPN will encrypt your data and it will not be visible even after it leaves the network, ensuring that your data is protected even if Tor is hacked or otherwise compromised.