How to Use Lunar Client On Mac?

Lunar Client is a client that supports multiple versions of Mac and is specifically optimized for PvP. This mod is designed to provide better experience to players while playing on multiplayer Mac servers. Since Lunar is an unofficial client, users will have to download and install it manually as it is unofficial by the developers of Mac (Mojang A.B.).

Lunar Client – How to Use it in Mac?

To ensure the best possible experience, players should configure client settings before starting up the Mac. To do this, follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1

  • The first step is to navigate to the Launcher’s Settings. You can set how much RAM is used by the Mac client there.
  • RAM must be allocated adequately (typically, players allocate 13 of the available RAM to machines). Usually, that’s all that needs to be changed for most users.

Step 2

  • Now that this change is in place, players will have to click on the arrow below the green launch button to select the version they want to launch. Mac versions 1.7, 1.8, 1.12, 1.15, 1.16 and 1.17 are currently supported by the Lunar client.

Step 3

  • Players can now select the preferred version by clicking on the launch button after selecting their preferred version. The first launch may take longer than usual as the client downloads some required files.

Step 4

  • As soon as this is complete, Mac should launch, and the Lunar Client menu should appear. Assuming that everything is done correctly, players will be greeted with this lunar screen at launch. Players can now customize their installed client mode by clicking on the moon logo at the bottom of the screen. Generally, these mods include PvP and FPS improvements, which are helpful when playing on Minecraft PvP servers.
  • All other mods apart from these small ones remain unchanged and are the same as those found in vanilla Mac. As a result, players will not experience any compatibility problems.

How Do I SSH on a Mac?

  • On the second computer first, open the Terminal app or SSH client.
  • Then type the ssh command, then press Return. The general format for the ssh command is: ssh username@IPAddress.
  • Now enter your password, then press Return.
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What Do I do if lunar client doesn’t open Mac?

  • First go to the Applications folder in Finder.
  • Then right click on the lunar subscriber icon.
  • Now click on “Get Info”
  • After that check “Run with Rosetta”
  • Then close the “Get Info” window.
  • Finally launch the “Lunar Client”
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How Do I make lunar client not crash?

  • Firstly do a clean boot.
  • Then update the graphics driver.
  • After that reinstall the Java Runtime Environment.
  • Now change launch directory.
  • Finally reinstall Minecraft and Lunar client.
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