Officejet pro 8600

Steps to Load Envelopes on the Officejet pro 8600

  • Grasp the handle at the front of the tray and then pull the tray toward you to open it.
  • Slide the width guides to the paper as much as possible.

NOTE: If you load a larger size paper, pull out the extension of the tray to extend the status bar.

  • Insert envelopes in the center of the tray with the flap of the envelope on the left and upwards. If the valve is on the short end of the envelope, insert the envelope in the center of the tray with the flap towards the product and upwards.
  • Slide the paper width guides are against the edges of the envelope. Make sure the envelope is centered in the status bar.
  • Push the tray into the product until it snaps.
  • Remove the extension on the output tray the tray.
  • Now check that the use of envelopes are supported by the printer.