Lexicographically – Meaning and Example


“Lexicographically” refers to organizing the order of words or strings based on their individual characters arranged alphabetically. This simply means “dictionary order”. Let’s understand the concept of lexicographical order in detail and explore how to use it in programming world. What is a lexicographic order? Lexicographical order refers to the arrangement of strings or elements … Read more

How to Undo a Last commit – git undo commit


Git is one of the most popular version control system and a powerful tool used by developers. It offers a variety of features and functionalities that are valuable to developers, teams, and anyone managing projects. Git commit is a fundamental feature of them which represents a single, logical change. Sometimes you need to undo a … Read more

error: src refspec main does not match any

error src refspec main does not match any

The error message “error: src refspec main does not match any” is usually encountered when you are trying to push changes to a git branch that does not exist. Understanding the meaning of the error message If you are a Git user then encountering the error message “error: src refspec main does not match any” … Read more

Data Transfer Object (DTO)

Data Transfer Object-DTO

When you work as a developer, sometimes you need to interchange the data of two software systems. For this purpose, we use DTO which refers to the Data Transfer object. This technique is used to make conversation easy between API and server without revealing sensitive information. The process of DTO is quite costly as it … Read more

stdin stdout and stderr


In the context of computer programming languages, the standard streams are of three types i.e. ‘stdin’, ‘stdout’ and ‘stderr’. “stdin” stands for Standard Input, a stream from which a program reads its input data; “stdout” stands for Standard Output, a stream from which a program writes its output; and “stderr” stands for Standard Error, a … Read more

What is an argument in javascript?

what is an argument in javascript

The argument in JavaScript is a functional language, meaning that functions are the primary modular execution units. Functions are obviously very important in JavaScript. When talking about a function, parameter and argument are often used interchangeably as if they were the same thing but there is a very subtle difference. Parameters are variables listed as … Read more

How to Convert CSV File to JSON Format in Java?


Here we’ll convert CSV File to JSON Format in Java using the CsvMapper class and Jackson so that you can read and write CSV files as well as convert them to JSON format, which will come in handy if you want to perform further manipulations with your dataset. TIP: CsvMapper class is specialized ObjectMapper. Jackson … Read more