Python Site Packages

In Python, there is a directory called ‘site-packages’, which is a location where the third-party packages are installed. It contains additional Python modules and libraries not included in the standard […]

Python Substring

A string is a sequence of characters and a substring refers to a part of a string. Python provides various methods to create a substring from a string. One most […]

Git Cherry Pick

Imagine a Scenario, when a developer mistakenly commits changes to the wrong branch not realizing their current branch, to correct the mistake developer needs to execute a different series of […]

stdin stdout and stderr

In the context of computer programming languages, the standard streams are of three types i.e. ‘stdin’, ‘stdout’ and ‘stderr’. “stdin” stands for Standard Input, a stream from which a program […]

Xmx in Java

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) has two memory-related options or flags, namely “-Xmx” and “-Xms”. When running a Java application, the Java Virtual Machine utilizes the “-Xmx” option to set […]

Git Reset Hard

Before talking about ‘git reset –hard’ option of git reset command, let’s have a look on how you can undo the changes made by the commit or recent commit. We […]

What is an ORM?

ORM refers to Object Relational Mapping which is a technical method that is used to connect programming code and relational databases. For this purpose it uses Metadata descriptors. In other […]

How to use Git Revert?

The “git revert” is a command used to undo a specific commit. It creates a new commit that inversely applies the changes made by the commit you want to revert. […]

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

In the world of computer programming, syntax error indicates that your code is not structured properly. The code is written in different languages and each language has a syntax that […]