Software inventory

In this article we are talking about software inventory. This is a catalog of all the software and applications working in your IT network. In this article we will tell you what is Inventory, what is meant by Inventory Management and how to manage Software Inventory Tool License for Windows, Mac and Linux which are the best Software Inventory Tool for this.

What do you understand by Inventory?

Software Inventory Management is the process of keeping records of all software and applications used in an IT environment. It keeps track of all the software and applications that we are working on in our IT network. These applications can range from business applications running at the organizational level to individual applications installed on end-user devices. Based on vendor, version or model, they can be grouped not only for audit but also to know their value and impact in your business. It is a part of IT asset management that enables the recording of software installation type, size, data, vendor and other related data.

What is meant by inventory management?

The software inventory tool gives you access to the following aspects of computer inventory management:

  • Software metering gives usage details of specific software such as total usage duration, systems with specific software etc.
  • For software description view commercial and non-commercial software information, including vendor name, installation date and software version.
  • Software License Compliance is provides the ability to view compliant (over-licensed) and non-compliant (under-licensed) software being used in the network.
  • Blacklist software, block executables, and automatically uninstall prohibited software in the network.
    Track warranty information for hardware assets managed by your organization.

How to manage software inventory tool licenses for windows, mac and linux?

Software inventory is a catalog that you can view the list of installed Windows, Mac and Linux software along with your software details such as software name, version and manufacturer. In just a few clicks, you can export statistics and details related to the software in TXT and CSV formats. Endpoint Central’s it tool lets you.

Here’s how to manage software licenses:

  • meter software
  • Get information about installed/uninstalled software
  • Prepare reports for software audits
  • Manage IT assets on Endpoint Central Mobile App
  • Centrally manage your software keys

Best software inventory tools for it:

Software Inventory tool will help you to view the list of installed software along with software details like software name, version and manufacturer. Software description can be exported as txt and csv format. By comparing several leading it tools and taking into account the experience of other users, we have been able to list down top 5 best software inventory tools that you can try.

  1. Network Inventory Advisor
  2. AssetExplorer
  3. Snipe-IT
  4. Asset Panda
  5. InvGate Assets

In this article we have try to define “Software inventory”. Hope you are like it! Thanks for reading this article.