What does ofc mean in text?

OFC = of course
OFC texts are common! There is a shortcut for the word “of course”. Whether you’re talking to your friends or your coworkers, telling them you’ll help OFC, it means you’re definitely going to help, and you’re happy to do so!
OFC is an acronym for “of course”. It is used as a shorthand in online chat when you don’t want to type complete phrase. In this article we will learn what does ofc mean in text and meaning of OFC. and see where it uses. OFC has other meanings as well, which we will see below.

ofc use
ofc use

Meaning of OFC:

Of course” is an expression that you can probably recognize as being used relatively often in everyday, face-to-face language. OFC is actually a slightly more polite way of saying “obviously.” It means that a piece of information is easily understood, believed or agreed upon.
When used online and in text speak, however, it’s easier to use this acronym to save the time and effort of typing it all out.

OFC is used with an example:

Ofc can be used at the end of a sentence, at the beginning of a sentence, or anywhere in the middle of a sentence. It can also be used solely as an answer to a yes or no question on its own, or alternatively as an expression of agreement with another person.

OFC can be used in a literal or sarcastic way. When used literally, OFC can help to confirm something that is certain about a fact or opinion if it doesn’t already seem obvious to someone. The sarcastic use of the OFC can help add a good dose of humor to the conversation.

Here are a few examples of OFC in action:

“I’m going to get a haircut, ofc.”
“Ofc it’s fine! You can borrow my tripod whenever you need it.”
“Ofc we’re going to Thanksgiving! We’ll see you soon!”
“Windows is better than macOS, o

Used OFC in text:

An example of how OFC can be used in texting is given below:

It can be very easy to use this abbreviation for texting. You really don’t have to worry about where and when should I add it For example, if someone asks you if you’re showing off a plan instead of saying a simple yes as an answer,
You can just type ‘OFC’. This will show them that you’re interested in getting into the plan and that you obviously won’t miss out.

Another example of using the abbreviation OFC while texting is:

conversation image

Person A: Do you think we should send the assignment late?
Person B: OFC not!

By adding the word ‘not’ the meaning of your message completely shifts from a yes to a no. So if you want to tell someone ‘obviously no, or obviously not’, you can simply text ‘ofc not’.

Is OFC a formal way of texting?

‘OFC not’ would be my reply to this. OFC is a texting slang, and you never use slang when you are talking to someone who is either your boss, your client or anyone who is linked with you because of your office work.

OFC should only be used when texting with peers, as with them, the level of frankness and the level of informality is completely different. In comparison to the boss, who has hired you and is talking to you mostly work related.

So be careful about it when in conversation with someone in authority. The more formally you talk to them, whether it is through messages or face to face, using abbreviations to convey your message to them is a big ‘NO’.

You can have a look at this example for yourself and analyse how informal it looks when you talk to your boss with short forms and abbreviations.

Boss: Jen, have you emailed the parcel to the company? They needed it urgently today.
Herry: Ofc I have, sir.

Now compare this same conversation with the one below.

Boss: Jonny, have you emailed the parcel to the company? They needed it urgently today.
Jony: Of course I have, sir.

Now you can be the better judge. Which out of the two, Harry or Jony, seems more professional in texting their boss? The better code of conduct would be to answer the boss like Jony did.

Other meanings of OFC:

  • OFC Meaning Medical: Occipitofrontal Head Circumference
  • OFC Meaning Governmental & Military: Officer
  • SM OFC Meaning Computing & IT: Single-Mode Optical Fiber Cable

OFC meaning For Medical:

OFC meaning for medical term that is measured at birth is the Occipital Frontal Circumference, abbreviated to OFC. This is basically a measurement of the size of a newborn’s head. This is done in order to determine early on if there are any possible problems with the child, because a low OFC can indicate health issues.

OFC Meaning Governmental & Military:

OFC Meaning Governmental & Militaryterm OFC is a fairly common acronym in the air force, and the military in general. It can mean multiple things, and has no one concrete meaning.
objective fire capabilities, office of the fire commissioner, operational fire controller, OPTAR functional category, organization for combat.

OFC meaning in Computing & IT:

OFC meaning in Computing & IT term An OFC network is a communications network that uses optical-fiber cables exclusively. Today this is very common, because optical-fiber cables are accessible.
OFCs are also integral parts of the computers and servers used in telecommunications across the world.
If the acronym OFC is used when describing computers it refers to the quality of cables used. It either refers to optical-fiber cables, or oxygen-free cables. These are high quality cables that are used in only the best computers.

In this article, we told you the meaning of OFC. And saw about where to use it. There are some other meanings of OFC as well, that too we have told you, hope you have liked this article.