What Does Special Character Mean?

Special characters are letters that are not considered numbers or letters. Symbols, accents and words are considered special characters. Similarly, ASCII control characters and formatted characters, such as punctuation, are also special characters. Unlike alphanumeric characters, special characters are very different and can be used for a variety of purposes in writing, coding, and mathematical operations.

The American QWERTY keyboard has 32 special characters. They are listed from left to right in the following table:

`Grave accent
!Exclamation point
$Dollar sign
%Percent sign
^Circumflex, caret
(Open parenthesis
)Close parenthesis
Hyphen, dash
+Plus sign
=Equal sign
{Open brace
[Open bracket
}Close brace
]Close bracket
|Vertical bar
Double quotation mark
Single quotation mark, apostrophe
< Open angle bracket, less than symbol
> Close angle bracket, greater than symbol
?Question mark
/Forward slash


It requires special characters when creating a strong password. This is because they include complexity in the password and reducing the user’s account. Many hackers use a combination of normal or presented sentences and character combination (eg “password” and “1234” and “make a special character. But special signs are used in an expected manner (eg or” S “or” s “or” s “” or “s” “or” s “or” s “are lost.

Here we have concluded almost all the symbols used in the computer language and day to day life. Do you know any other symbol which we have forgot to mention, let us know.