Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft Excel : 100 Keyboard Shortcuts That Every Windows User Should Know. There is no denying the fact that Keyboard Shortcuts make our lives easier and if you are a Microsoft Excel user, you can refer to this guide to learn something important. Read on, as we list down some of the most important Microsoft … Read more

Why is the keyboard not in alphabetical order?

In this article we will discuss about “Why is the keyboard not in alphabetical order?” Learn about it, QWERTY was the first typing layout invented in the 1870s to complement typewriters. It works very well with typewriter. Another alternative to QWERTY is the Colemak Keyboard. Colemak keyboards are quite similar to QWERTY keyboards, which makes … Read more

How to connect logitech keyboard?

How to connect logitech keyboard? In this article we will read about “how to connect logotech keyboard?“.In addition to optimizing the keyboard for your preferred operating system, the software lets you customize the K380 to fit your individual needs and personal style. Logitech’s wireless keyboards offer convenience and freedom from cords, but before you start … Read more

Shutdown keyboard shortcut

Have you ever come across a situation where you cannot turn off the laptop or PC through the pointer input? We have brought here some such shortcuts for you, through which you can easily turn off these devices. Shutting down your PC/Laptop using small keys does not affect your system in any way. All your … Read more

How to Split Screen on Windows?

Sometimes working on a computer can help you view more than one document or application at a time. In Microsoft Windows, you can do this on a monitor by splitting the screen. Or, if you have more than one monitor, you can expand the screen. Split Screen in Half The most basic way to use … Read more

ISP in Computer

Full form of ISP is Internet service provider. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is an organization that provides services to access, use, or participate in the Internet. Internet service providers can be organized into various forms, such as commercial, community-owned, non-profit, or otherwise privately owned. Internet services typically provided by ISPs can include Internet access, … Read more

Print Screen Not Working Windows 10

Encountred with the Print Screen not working issue? Then you are at right place. But don’t panic. You can easily fix this problem and print your screen. Here’re solutions you can try. You may not have to try them all; just work your way down the list until you find the one that works. How … Read more

How do I Turn My Phone Off?

You shouldn’t have to turn off your Phone very often. If you’re not going to use it for a few hours, it’s not worth the hassle (and minuscule battery life savings) to shut it down. But, if you know you’re not going to use your phone for a couple days, or on a very long … Read more

Where is Backslash on Keyboard?

Bob BComputer scientist Bob Bemer introduced the backslash to computing in 1961, when he used it in ASCII (American Standard Code For Information Interchange) to represent some Boolean operators in the ALGOL language. This is also know as backward slash, downward slash, and reverse solidus. The Backslash “\” symbol is the reverse of the slash … Read more

How to fix keyboard keys on laptop?

Computersolve teaches you how to fix keyboard keys on laptop? If cleaning the key’s slot and re-seating the key doesn’t fix your key’s problems, you may need to replace the key altogether. Sometimes laptop keyboard keys can become loose or fall off when keyboard keys don’t work. However, non-working keys can be fixed. To fix … Read more

Bar Symbol


Bar Symbol refers to the vertical bar and horizontal bar. Vertical Bar Vertical Bar is used in mathematics, computing, and typography. It has several names, often associated with particular meanings: Schaefer stroke (in logic), pipe, vibar, stick, vertical line, bar, and verti-bar. The vertical bar is “|“. The vertical bar “|” is used as a … Read more

How to Minimize Screen with Keyboard?

Minimize App – Minimizing an app hides its window from your desktop without closing the app. An icon for that app is displayed on the taskbar. You can easily restore the minimized window to its former state and bring it back to view to continue using it. Method 1: Minimize Screen from the Caption Buttons … Read more

How to Take Screenshot on Chromebook?

Screenshots are one of the most useful tools to show others the information on your screen. It can be used to show a friend a cool achievement in a game or an interesting conversation between two people. It can also be used to show error messages to support services. Take Screenshot on Chromebook using Shortcut Keys Three … Read more