What is a Wifi Card?

Wi-Fi adapter connected to the computer. For desktop computers, Wi-Fi can be added using a PCI or USB card. For older laptops, Wi-Fi will be added via USB or PC Card.

See Wi-Fi, PCI, USB adapter and PC card.

What is the Wireless Network Card?

A wireless network card is a wireless terminal used to surf the Internet through a wireless LAN in wireless LAN coverage. In general, a wireless network card is a device that does not need to be connected with a network cable, and a wireless network card is integrated throughout the notebook so that the notebook can surf the Internet wirelessly, much like a cell phone, if there is no wireless signal in the area. Be connected. Because the desktop computer is not integrated with a wireless network card, the network cable for Internet access must be connected to the network card interface, but it can be connected wirelessly by installing a wireless network card.

Currently, wireless network cards can be generally divided into two types, one is a wireless PCI network card or a wireless USB network card, the other is a 3G wireless network card similar to a U-disk, the first is especially suitable for installing a wireless network card in a desktop computer, signal Networking is limited and on the same principle as a wireless network card with a laptop can receive wireless network signals such as wireless router and hot spot WIFI and so on. The 3G wireless network card prefers interfaces such as telecommunications, mobile, Unicom and other 3G wireless signals for Internet access.

Because the principle of a wireless PCI or USB wireless network card is the same as a wireless network card for a laptop, the received signal can only be used near a wireless router, or some wireless wifi hotspots with severe geographical restrictions can be used. It is used in homes and other places and has the advantage of poor portability and low cost because it uses a network cable to connect to a wireless router. A wired network is created in the wireless signal that wireless devices are to use. Because the 3G network and the mobile phone signal share the same network, the network signal coverage is very wide, so the biggest advantage of using a 3G wireless network card is that it can still access the Internet wirelessly. everywhere and everywhere and mobile portability is very fast, but the downside is that 3G wireless internet is more expensive.

How to Use the Mobile 3G Wireless Network Card?

How can you use a 3G wireless network card? we must first choose a network operator. There is a specific gap between the speed of the wireless internet and the fees of different operators. At present, according to various network operators, it can be divided into Tianyi Telecommunication 3G Wireless Network Card, China Mobile 3G Wireless Network Card and China Unicom 3G Wireless Network Card. The appearance of a 3G wireless network card and U-drive is similar, usually you need to place them in a similar mobile phone card, if the device connects USB to your computer and then install the software provided by your network operator, enter your internet connection software and passwords can achieve wireless access. 3G internet, internet fee, especially packet time or traffic charges, the price is more expensive.