What is computer hardware and software ?

Computer hardware is a physical device that we use with our system, on the other hand, A software is a collection of programming code installed on your computer’s hard drive.

In other words, we can say, hardware is a product you can hold in your hand, while you can’t hold software in your hand. As you can touch hardware, but you cannot touch software. Hardware is physical, and software is virtual.

Close-up view of a modern GPU card with circuit and

If we take an example, the computer monitor you are using to read this text. And the mouse you are using to navigate this web page, are computer hardware. The software are, the browser you’re using to view this page, and the operating system that the browser is running on.

Other Examples of Hardware and Software

Hardware is ‘What makes a computer work’. A CPU processes information and after that RAM or a hard drive will store this information. A sound card provides sound to speakers and a video card provides an image to a monitor. Each of these are examples of hardware elements.


All software associates with at least one hardware device to operate. For an example, a video game, which is software, uses the computer processor (CPU), memory (RAM), hard drive, and video card to run. And word processing software like MS Word uses the processor, memory, and hard drive to create and save documents.

Should we run a computer without hardware?

In Most of the computers, some devices are essential to function properly such as a display, hard drive, keyboard, processor, memory, motherboard, power supply, and video card. If any of these devices are missing or malfunctioning, then the computer will generate an error or the computer doesn’t start.

Adding hardware, such as a disc drive (i.e. CD-ROM or DVD), modem, mouse, network card, sound card, printer, or speakers are not required. But these devices give the computer additional support and functionality.

Should we run a computer without Software?

A computer can run without software being installed on it. But if an operating system or interpreter is not found, it either generates an error or doesn’t output any information. A computer needs an operating system that allows both the user and software to interact with the computer hardware.