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What is output device in computer?

output device in computer

In this article we will explain about what is output devices of computer. An output device is a piece of computer hardware that receives data from a computer and then translates that data into another form. people often ask for output devices examples. Here you will learn computer output devices so below section we will details about output devices.

What is output device?

An output device is any peripheral that receives data from a computer, usually for display, projection, or physical reproduction. For example, the image shows an inkjet printer, an output device that make a hard copy of anything shown on the monitor. Monitors and printers are two of the most commonly used output devices used with a computer. For example, using a microphone to record a podcast is an example of using an input device. Listening to the recorded podcast through a connected speaker is an example of using an output device. Both output and input devices are examples of auxiliary or peripheral devices.

Why do computers need output devices?

A computer can still work without an output device. However, you’d have no way of determining what the computer is doing. Using an output device, you can view and get the results of input from a computer.

Examples of Output Devices:

Here are examples of output devices:



The monitor is a versatile device of the computer for the visual display of all types of information. Monitors are the most crucial output devices of a computer. The monitor is designed to display symbolic and graphical information. It shows all the data and information as Soft Copy on its screen. It acts as an interface between the CPU and the user. There are basically 5 types of Monitor

  1. CRT Monitors (Cathode Ray Tube)
  2. LCD Monitors (Liquid Crystal Display)
  3. LED Monitors (Light Emitting Diode)
  4. OLED Monitors (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
  5. Plasma Monitors


Printers are used to print signs, office documents at offices, homes, PPT, and business establishments. The resolution or clarity of images produced by a printer is measures in DPI (dots per inch) resolution. The more dots per fleas a printer has, the better quality can be printed and seen more clearly. A printer is an electronic external output device of the computer used to print digital information on paper as a hard copy.



Headphones are output devices with which you can listen to any sound signals transmitted by an electronic device. These are hardware devices that produce audio privately after being connected to smartphones or computers through a wireless connection.



A projector is an output device that takes images generated by a computer or Blu-ray player and reproduce them by projection onto a screen, wall, or another surface. In most cases, the surface projected onto is large, flat, and lightly colored.



GPS is a output device of computer. it is space-based satellite navigation output device that determines the time and location information in all weather conditions and allows you to find the desired object on the map, whether it is situated in any place on the Earth. The main output of GPS is Providing location, weather conditions, and also tracking.

Video Card:

video card

A video card or video adapter is part of a computer and laptop. This device is responsible for processing data – machine code and translating it into an accessible image. In simple words, the video adapter is engaged in the output process of translating the program code into a user-friendly image on the monitor, TV, or any other display.

Braille Reader:

Braille Reader:

A braille reader, also called a braille display, is an electronic device that allows a blind person to read the text displayed on a computer monitor. The computer sends the text from specialized software to the output device, where it’s converted to Braille and “displayed” by raising rounded pins through a flat surface.

3D Printer:

Three-dimensional (3D) printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates a physical object from a digital design. The process works by laying down thin layers of material in the form of liquid or powdered plastic, metal or cement, and then fusing the layers together.



A plotter is an output device that prints graphics with high-quality images in many color formats. It is analogous to a printer but has more advanced features. Plotters are different from printers because they are more accurate, faster with high-resolution graphics. That’s why plotters are used by Engineers and architects fields as engineering applications, where accuracy is mandatory.

Sound card:

sound card

Sound cards are the output devices of computers that are installed inside a computer. To produce any computer’s sound, you need to need a sound card, external or internal (built-in). An external sound card allows you to generate higher quality and is necessary for surround and clear sound, to get sound without noise and distortion when recording it.


The sound produced by computer speakers is made by a hardware component whose name is a sound card that is pre-installed with the computer. The audio signal is sent through the computer’s sound card to produce the sound coming from a computer speaker. Many LAPTOP already has the inbuilt Speaker at the upper end of the keyboard.


The Speaker is inbuilt with the motherboard is called Internal Speaker. One can need an external speaker separately when producing the sound from the computer in a more loud way.

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