What is output device in computer?

The computer output device is a hardware device that helps the computer to present the result of the entered input. In the short term, you can say that output devices help the computer convert the data from machine language to human-understandable language. The presented data can be in the form of projection, paper, or audio. The list of output devices is mentioned below.

NOTE: The monitor and Printer is the most common output device in the computer. Like, the Monitor output device helps the computer display the data, and the Inkjet output device helps show the data in image form.

What are the output devices?

Every Desktop device needs output devices like a monitor, audio adapter, and GPU. The printer is also important for using to convert the input data into paper. Below we mentioned the list of output devices:

List of Output Devices:

  • Monitor: Display the Input data received from the User
  • Braille reader: Read the input of the user and also the websites or emails
  • COM (Computer Output Microfilm): Convert into human-perceptible form
  • Flat-panel: Display Virtual Content such as content or images
  • GPS: Provide information about geographic position
  • Headphones: Receive the output of data in sound form
  • Printer: Print the input text (dot matrix printer, inkjet printer, and laser printer)
  • Projector: Blue-ray shows the projection of input data
  • Video card: Provide access to show the input in video form

Why output devices are important for computers?

For computers, output devices are important for working on the user data to show the input. Except for using the output devices, there is no way to work with the computer. These devices work to receive the user input and perform tasks to present the output.

NOTE: The output device only receives the signal to process the input, it does not send the input back. Drives like CD-ROM, DVDs, floppy diskette drives, and USB flash drives are considered storage devices.

The monitor output device sends the signal to process the input and after some time it displays the result of your input. If you type any word or alphabet then it will show you on the monitor. If you want to print out something then you can simply input it for printing and it will print the data. Without an output device, it still processes but you’re not able to see the input.