Whats atlanta area code?

Whats atlanta area code?

Atlanta, Georgia is a major metropolitan region within the 404, 470, 678 and 770 area codes. The largest metropolitan area in Georgia, Atlanta covers the four area codes of 404, 470, 678 and 770. Atlanta is one of the largest and most profitable cities in the country, ranking right around 18th with a GDP of over $320 billion most recently calculated. There is the recent recognition of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, as well as the Olympics held in 1966. An incredibly diverse region, there is much to gain from the population of Atlanta, Georgia, area codes 404, 470, 678 and 770. There are a number of businesses up and down all industries located from corner to corner of the Atlanta city limits, within both Fulton and DeKalb Counties.


There are several area codes actively in use in the Atlanta metropolitan area, including: 404, 770, 678. The 404 area code covers Atlanta proper as well as nearby surrounding towns, such as College Park, Forest Park, and Sandy Springs. The 678 and 770 area codes extend well beyond the coverage of 404 and include more distant locations such as Alpharetta, Marietta, Lawrenceville, and Smyrna. Beyond these Atlanta area codes, a number of area codes are used elsewhere in Georgia.

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In 1947, Georgia was a single numbering plan area (NPA) with area code 404. In 1954, 912 was assigned to its southern and central areas. The state operated with two area codes until May 3, 1992, when area code 706 was created for the two separate areas outside of the metro Atlanta area. Due to complaints from exurban residents who were to be put in 706, they were moved back into 404, which makes every new area code added to the metro area run out of numbers sooner. At this time, these areas were also fully included in what was already the world’s largest toll-free local calling zone (previously many were only able to call the adjacent telephone exchanges on the edge of metro Atlanta). Area code 770 was therefore assigned to Atlanta’s suburbs just three years later in August 1995, requiring ten-digit dialing between them, and with all mobile phones keeping 404. 678 was given to both the city and its suburbs in January 1998, becoming the first overlay area code in the state, and forcing mandatory ten-digit dialing for all calls.


In addition to Atlanta, GA area codes 470, 678 and 404 serve the city of Atlanta and the portion of the Atlanta Metropolitian Area that is inside the I-285 perimeter highway which encircles Atlanta, including the larger cities and communities of Candler-Mcafee, College Park, East Point, Forest Park, North Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and Tucker in addition to many smaller communities. Areas outside the I-285 perimeter highway which encircles Atlanta are assigned area codes 470, 678 and 770.

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Atlanta Area code 470 serves the Atlanta, GA metro area. It includes the cities of Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Johns Creek, and Alpharetta. It is an overlay for area code 770 and area code 404 and serves the combined area. Area codes are used to route phone calls to a specific geographic area within a country. All area codes in the United States are exactly 3-digits long. In the past, a given region often had just one area code. Nowadays, many cities and towns in denser urban areas, including Atlanta, have 2 or more area codes. To make an inbound international call (or domestic long distance call) to a Atlanta landline or mobile phone, you need to dial the appropriate 3-digit area code, followed by a 7-digit local subscriber number. If you don’t have a fully specified 10-digit phone number, including area code, you will not be able to complete an inbound call.


Atlanta Area code 770 serves the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. It includes the cities of Roswell, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Marietta, and Smyrna. It overlaps coverage areas with area codes 470 and 678. The 770 area code is located in the Eastern timezone. The Eastern time zone is also known as America/New_York. As of the last time this page was loaded, the current time is 2:34am. 770 was first put in service August 1, 1995. It was created from area code 404. In 1998, area code 678 was created and is currently an overlay to 770 and 404.

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